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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda celebrates seven years of success for the Nithyananda Gurukul which is now an internationally recognized school! This is the only place in the whole world where kids get a complete education; learning to become both scientists and saints! Watch out for the next wave of Incarnations to walk planet Earth!
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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

I bless you all on this auspicious Dussehra, Vijaya Dashami day.  All over the world we are celebrating Vijaya Dashami.

Today, Mahadevi, Nithyanandeshwari is gracing us with Saraswathi and Lakshmi serving her. The exact form I had vision at the age of ten as Nithyanandeshwari, Matha Lokanayaki, Bhuvaneshwari!

Bidadi Annalaya is offering 108 naivedhyams to Devi.  Let Devi grace all of us on this auspicious day, by accepting our prayers and offerings.

In our Sangha, we celebrate four major festivals:

Today is the eighth year anniversary of Gurukul, Nithyananda Gurukul.  Nithyananda Gurukul is completing successfully seven years and entering into the eighth year.  In 2006, on the same Vijaya Dashami day, the Gurukul started.

The Gurukul’s achievements:

I can just list the amazing intelligence, clarity the gurukul kids are expressing.  Even doctors are shocked and surprised.  They don’t know how to measure this now.  They don’t have a scale to measure the intelligence and the IQ level of our gurukul kids! Four doctors I put them on this job, they say, swamiji we have to develop some new scale.  All available scales do not even match with the intelligence of our gurukul kids.  All these IQ, EQ and all, they blow it away!  How they learn across multiple dimensions along with studies of international IGCSE syllabus!  They learn dance, drama, theater, music (vocal, instruments like taval, keyboard, nadaswaram, flute etc.), drawing, painting, pottery, magic, department administration, vedic chanting, temple arts (puja, homa), Yoga, mallakhamba yoga, rope yoga, audio-visual management, web designing, web development, knitting, clay modeling, crochet, magazines, energy bead, comic books  conducting online satsanghs as teachers for other children, family counseling, mentoring adults, swimming, tv shows…….! 

And, I wanted you to know, the first ever Talk Show hosted by kids on the Planet Earth is hosted by our gurukul kids!  In other tv’s kids compere, nowhere kids take questions from the viewers.  And first ever Talk Show where kids answer, inspire more kids to join the Gurukul or understand these whole principles what we are teaching.  It is just unimaginable!  You all need to know, just by conducting the Talk Show – the Talk Show is conducted in Lotus News Channel – where the kids are giving counseling to other kids online on Skype, two-way video-conferencing, they listen to the troubles kids across the globe and counsel, them and give solutions. Not only conducting, taking phone calls in enriching temple.  When the kids run the show, the phone calls in the Enriching Temple are attended by the kids and they answer! 

With this, now, we reached out the Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya, teaching the kids to harness the Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling and Power of Living; the four-principles-based syllabus, that is what I call Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya.  This education is offered freely.  They have reached out to 32,000 kids!  Now 32,000 kids are enrolled.  45 schools, 30 Homes, 59 centers in 12 countries, our gurukul kids are teaching!  Understand, this syllabus which is being followed, books are released already in seven languages – English, Tamil, Hindi, Slovak, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese and Spanish.  In seven languages books are available.  Here I am releasing the books for all of you. These are all the primary school books,Textbooks and workbooks for Class 1 to 5 – English, Science, History, Geography.  Please understand the amount of reach in seven years is not a joke!  It is all done by kids directly!  Adults do a little help, but the major work is done by the kids.  And this binding (of the books), don’t think it is done urgently or a mistake; it is consciously designed this way. I am further developing the designing on palm leaves. Soon the books will be available like bigger palm leaves.  The kids will have the exact feel of traditional gurukul.  I am also already working on if the printing can be done on palm leaf, so that the books can be made available in the palm leaf form itself for the kids to study, especially the traditional scriptures. 

And hats off to Nithyananda Gurukul!

And they also have branches in Ambur, Krishnagiri, Wadassery, and now expanding to nithyananda nagar, Tiruvannamalai.

And our kids have so many extraordinary qualities – amazing health, very low health issues, no violence, no corruption, amazing discipline they radiate!  And no stick, no beating! 

I thank the gurukul kids for giving me the fulfillment that I have already started creating my extensions!  And I can say this is the only place in the whole world where the science, the education of the outer world and the education of the inner world is made available to them in complete form!  I can be very proud about it.  The only place where they are getting training to become Scientist and Saintist, both! 

And I am happy to have Nithyananda Gurukul where the future leaders of Hinduism are getting created.  This is the workshop for incarnations. 

I bless the Nithyananda Gurukul to flourish and create, new generation out of the next generation!

Today, we are inaugurating the Nithyananda Vidyalaya in Tiruvannamalai.  Formally, through this announcement, I am inaugurating the Nithyananda Vidyalaya in Tiruvannamalai. (tamil blessing-12:05-14:42) And, exactly the same ambience, the same space, the kids will grow. I will also make sure the Gurukul also happens in Tiruvanamalai where they will literally live my same lifestyle; means, no school for more than a few hours a day; they will be living in temple and playing in temple; and they will do Yoga in the morning inside the temple; and all the utsavams they will be celebrating in the temple, spend time in the temple.  I am already working in getting a property near the temple where the kids will just wake up listening to the temple bell and go to bed listening to the songs in the temple in the night.  They will live in the same ambience, the breathing space of Arunachala.

And, next, I am blessing San Jose.  San Jose is celebrating Vijaya Dashami and offering 29 naivedhyams to Devi.  Let Devi Meenakshi grace San Jose and the whole world! of accepting the naivedhyams. And blessings for eN-Vidyalaya kids in San Jose!  Blessings!  They did the Rudrabhishekam today.  Blessings!

Today, actually, I wanted to speak, to give a detailed introduction about Inner Awakening Level-4.  Of course, this celebration itself has taken a lot of time.  Still, it is not yet over!  Still I have so many things to announce about the whole celebration. 

Houston, blessings for adarsh. Birthday blessings for adarsh.

Today, we have a lot of Vijaya Dashami celebrations.  The Devi Dharpan Visarjan morning 10:20, and then Nithyotsava Dwajarohan, and evening 5:15 we will have Visarjanam where Devi’s moorthi will be immersed in the water body and Devi returns to our heart, her permanent residing place after accepting all the celebrations.  So, we will be having all those festivals. We’ll be having sanyas initiation on my birthday.

Today, we have Maheshwara Puja in Bidadi.  As per the tradition of Mahaniravani Akhada, today the guru bhais give pranami to each other.  Whatever pranami they receive the whole year in bhandaras, festivals, they share it with other guru bhais.  This festival is celebrated in Mahanirvani Akhada as brotherliness celebrations where the sannyasis and sannyasinis express their love and respect for being a Sangha, for standing by each other.  This is considered to be a day of guru bhai relationships, means brother-disciple relationship, sister-disciple relationship.  So, as part of that celebrations, we will today be having Maheshwara Puja where they take care of the elderly sadhus, they offer money, gifts to the junior sadhus, and they give that feeling that we are together and we will stand with each other in our journey towards enlightenment.  I can say this is like a Sangha Day for the Mahanirvani Akhada.  So, we will be celebrating as part of that tradition.

Today is also the day the sannyasis celebrate –anything the brother disciple ask, anything they own is given. If you own something and if a brother-disciple asks,.  No “no”!  Only “Yes-yes”! 

I have a small video presentation about Bali which you will see.  Then I will share a few words about Inner Awakening Level-4.

BALI VIDEO………..(21:10 to23:06)

As it is, even if I have enough time, introducing Inner Awakening is a big job.  Now in a few minutes I have to introduce Inner Awakening!

Inner Awakening Level-4 is literally, please listen, literally taking you to the next level of consciousness.  As I said yesterday, helping you to raise your Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image and Life Image to the peak possibility by giving you methods and technology, techniques to harness the Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling and Power of Living, with twenty-three major initiations, and above all, last but not least, Completion with your “parasite patterns”, the subject which I have never touched till now; Completion with your “parasite patterns”, the subject which was untouched.  Wealth, Power and Love, these three is everything about life.  I can say, everything in your life can be reduced to these three words – Wealth, Power and Love.  You will experientially move towards that space of:

·         Wealth – creation and celebration;

·         Power – expression and celebration;

·         Love – living and celebrating.

One you have to “create”, another one you have to “express”, the third one you have to “live”.  You will experience experientially Wealth, Power and Love.        

I invite all the devotees, disciples, followers, visitors, viewers to be part of this great Inner Awakening Yatra, Inner Awakening Yatra December 2013.  It is a twenty-three days yatra because we will be taking a few days in between for travelling.  Actually, you may have twenty-one initiations, not twenty-three exactly, because a few days we will be travelling to different places, different temples, having different rituals, celebrations, Completion sessions.  Don’t miss it!  Or, I can say positively, be part of it!  May be I have to take a few more days to continue to introduce the Inner Awakening Level-4. 

Somebody told me yesterday, ‘Swamiji, whenever we think you cannot take us further in spirituality, this is the peak, this is the depth,  suddenly a door opens!  How is it?”

Actually, that is the way spirituality itself is!  In spirituality always, the moment you feel you reached the peak, suddenly a new door opens, you move to the next level!  So, please understand, even if you are at the peak of Everest now, don’t miss the chance of getting into the flight!  Inner Awakening Level-3 is like peak of Everest.  Level-4 is getting into the flight! Don’t miss this experience!  Be part of it!


Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!