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Nithyananda Speaks on Experiencing God, Enlightenment, Energy, Auras & Healing In this audio discourse (13 May 2002) delivered at Best Club in Bangalore by a young Nithyananda in the early days of His mission. He answers questions from disciples about how it feels to experience God and enlightenment and why it can't be described. He also reveals insights on energy radiated by enlightened masters, how to see auras and spiritual healing. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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Question - Have you experienced God? Can you describe it?




Swamiji - Yes. I have experienced. One thing, have you tasted sugar? Have you tasted? How is it?  What is mean by sweet? So experiences cannot be expressed. Even the experience of tongue, you are not able to express. I have experienced with the whole body, whole mind and whole Being. The experience with which you experience only 2 inch or 3 inch, the tongue... the experience with the tongue which you have, just with 2 or 3 inches tongue, you are not able to express. But I have experienced God not only with body - with mind and with spirit… with My Being. How can I express in words?  So only one thing I can say, “Yes.” Nothing else can be told.


And one more thing, there are few proofs I can give you. Only one or two things are difference between enlightened man and an unenlightened man. If he... a man is not enlightened, he can speak much better than what I am speaking, the way I am speaking. He will be a great scholar, intellect. Even My language, if you find, My language also is not so sophisticated high class language. I am speaking in very common day to day language; My language or expression, anything, you will not find that I am a great pandit. So with the way….the way which I am talking you cannot understand. You cannot even measure. The real scale whether a man has experienced God or not is - in his Presence you will feel a beautiful energy. That nobody else can do, nobody else can radiate energy except a man who realized, who experienced God; nobody else can do that. Anybody can speak beautiful and if you find some philosophers, professors, they will speak much beautifully, much better way than Me. Go to colleges. There are so many universities, so many professors, so many lecturers. They will speak in much more beautiful way. If they have beard, it will look good also. I am man with no beard, no other…. Not only beard, whatever the outer product paraphernalia, I have no other paraphernalia. If any of you would have met Me personally, if you have met Me independently, individually, you will find Me, I am nothing more than a small child. Just My laughter or anything, it will be so simple and open and direct. Whatever I speak, whatever I convey, will not have any mystical association with it. The way in which a Swami is supposed to behave, your imagination - the way in which a Swami is supposed to speak, it will not be there even for a single inch. You will find a simple normal ordinary Being, ordinary but extraordinarily. You will find a simple Being. Through these scales you cannot measure whether a man is enlightened or unenlightened, whether a man has realized God or not. Only one scale - Man who can radiate energy, who can give energy, who can give his blessings… tangibly - who can emit energy. That is the only scale.




So Shakti - if you have realized Para Shakti - if you have realized God, if you have realized Brahma Shakti, the surrounding, the Presence of you will be very heavy. Heavy means it will be living, it will not be dead. Your Presence will be, your aura, very aura will be totally different. That’s the only scale with which you can measure whether a man is enlightened or unenlightened.


If you deeply close and meditate, you can find out whether I am inside the cave or outside the cave. You can feel the difference. If you are tuned with this energy, if I go out, you will see the different aura, different energy. If I come in, you will see the different aura. You can experience. This can be. It’s not that something maya or mantra is happening. I am not doing some magic. It’s a pure science. It’s a Presence of a Master. When I achieve….when you….if the fire is there, if you go near, either you want or not, you will feel that warmth. In the same way, when you come near the Master, if you want to feel the warmth, you can enjoy that warmth. If you don’t want to feel the warmth, you may feel will not be happy, but the warmness, warmth will be there. In the same way, when you come near the Master, with love, with trust, then you will be able….not only able to feel this energy, you’ll be able to get benefit. If you come with a doubt, with some unclarity or to just poke at Me, to test, who will be disturbed? Nobody else! If you put your hands in the fire to test, whether it burns or not… so it is totally different.




And one more thing you can tell - His energy if you want the...this energy’s protection, always to be with you, you can have a mala, Rakta Chandana - red sandal mala, which holds and radiates energy for longer and in high quality - qualitatively and quantitatively which radiates the energy. This mala is energized - Rakta Chandana Mala its actually... but we are energizing it, we are energizing, having a dollar of My form… just for the remembrance of devotees. Just for remembrance they are adding it. There are many other benefits by this mala. BP gets controlled; physically BP is controlled. We already testified and we have selected from all other beads, I have tested with rudraksha, Tulasi mani, spatika, for a…. with all the things I have tested, experimented. Finally, I selected this mala only. This is the best to hold the energy and to radiate the energy. It will give you energy protection wherever you are, whenever you want My help, energy level protection, you can just remember Me holding this mala. You will feel My presence will be with you. What you are able to feel in the class and not only that, what you are not able to feel in the class also, you will be feeling, you will be having continuity. When…. with this mala you will be carrying Me with you. So it will be a great help for meditators.


Whenever you want, you can wear it. There is no rule that is only rule for this. If I wear this, should I not smoke?  Should I not have my regular routine? Should I not live my regular marital life? - Nothing! No rule! ‘No rule’ is the rule. For this mala, there is only one rule - ‘there is no rule’. Simply you can wear it whenever you want. It’s a scientific protection. It has nothing to do with religion. You don’t have to get fear that, “If I wear this, should I not do this? Should I not do that?” there is nothing else to be bothered, to be worried. Just you can use it as a protection for you. Wherever you go, whenever….whatever you want to do, wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ll be having My energy protection with you. And the people who are not having sleep, they can wear it in the night time, you’ll get a good sleep. And whatever you do, you’ll be having an energy protection, My aura energy will be with you. You can have your regular life, whatever your life is, you can continue with it. There is nothing….Yes for a funeral, functions, some death, all these things you can wear it and go and you can wear all the 24 hours, so it is up to you to decide. Only one thing, don’t keep it on the floor. The energy will be sucked by the Earth. So don’t keep on the floor. Keep it in some place, where you…. With respect. That’s the only rule.




Yes…..dogs and cat, both of them have got that energy and dogs have got a different aura itself….different aura….that is why, anybody if they are going to die, in that area, dogs will start barking, shouting. They can see the aura of a evil spirit or that man’s prana….. prana sharira is leaving, they can see. Yes, it is possible for you also to see the aura body or energy body if you can practice 11 days one simple practice - never look into any light directly and don’t see TV, everyday wash your eyes thrice. Within 11 days, you will be able to see the aura body of any human being. Our devotees who are healers, they have all seen My aura. Not only seen My aura, they know how to develop their aura.


And you are not diagnosed by your….any disease. I am diagnosing you through your aura only. With your aura only I am able to diagnose you; where the aura is disturbed, where the energy is disturbed. Actually, I don’t know the medical terms; whatever your pain, whatever you call it, this – that. I don’t know anything of medical. These medical terms and all, I don’t know. Actually, what is cancer I don’t know. But I know what is the problem in that energy… in that energy body what is the problem I know; just I equate that energy, that’s all. So I am diagnosing you with that energy only, with that aura body only.




Chakras - actually chakras, aura body, energy, these are all different words, but only same thing, nothing else. As you think, if you are really experienced, then you will understand, these six chakras are also not six chakras differently. They are one and the same - six various parts, six parts of same chakra, same energy. So you just whatever ideas now I have given, with that you just work. You will understand more and more things. You will get….you will feel developed, you’ll get developed … about these ideas also.




Generally I don’t give anything, just some...few months before we started giving. Many people have requested, “Swamiji, please give us something to remember you, to have some connection.” But the one thing I can tell you, “This is just like a cell phone for Me.” This will be cell phone. Just hold and remember. You will see that I will be there. My Presence will be there. With the trust, you will feel immediately, without trust you will feel one or two days may take one or two days but surely you will feel. That much I can give you a guarantee. It will be just like a cell phone. You can immediately contact Me; wherever you are, you can contact Me. You will see...not only you will see….now when you listen, these things all looks like a story or a novel, but when you experience only, you will find these things are truth. These things are …...because it is not the thing that a….you are not able to believe, it’s not your mistake. This science actually is lost.




In ancient time, this science was existing in the India. When the Gurukulam system got disturbed, when the Gurukulam system died, this science has completely disappeared from India. That is why, when I say all these words, you are looking at something as a new, but when you experience, then only you can understand. When you listen somebody’s experience, then only you can understand. Then only you will able to …..


I am not at all here for healing. I am just here to give you the joy, bliss, ananda. Ananda takes care of everything and that does the whole magic. Just put the….bring the lamp in, naturally the darkness has to run out. There is no need to fight with darkness. You just bring...take a big sword and shield, “Let me go and fight with the darkness, which is inside the cave.” What will you do? At the most, you may beat yourself. So nothing can be done through that way. Just bring a small lamp, candle, you will see that darkness has disappeared. So what I am bringing, what I am giving is, just an Ananda Shakti, the energy of bliss, energy of ecstasy. Naturally you will find that so many things are disappearing. It is simply disappeared. I am not solving your problem - simply dissolving it.