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In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the process of evolution from human to divine. Even if we begin our spiritual practice in an ordinary way with ordinary goals, step by step we sink more deeply into our devotion and raise ourselves to the next level, until we achieve enlightenment. Through the simple repetition of the four principles of life – integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching others – we intensify our understanding and ultimately fall in love with dharma. Once we are transformed inwardly, the principles – tattwas -- become truths -- or satyas -- within us.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambham
Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam
Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. 

Today is Basava Jayanti. Basavanna a great enlightened master who created social revolution based on spiritual truths. See there were very few people who were able to cause social revolution based on spiritual truths. In Gujarat, Bhagawan Swaminarayan, in Tamil Nadu Thiru Jnanasambandhar Swami, and in Karnataka, Basavanna and Shri Ramanuja. Of course, even Adi Shankara can be included in that list. All of them have created a community. Please understand, the whole community of Lingayats is created by Basavanna. The whole community of Pillaimar is created by Jnanasambandhar. That is why Jnanasambandhar’s name is Pillaiyar. That is why the community is called Pillaimar. And, the whole Iyengar community is created by Shri Ramanuja. All these great masters accepted people from all religion, caste, awakened their spiritual strength and created a social revolution based on spiritual principles; which I am trying to do.

Basavanna, Jnanasambandhar, Ramanuja, Bhagawan Swaminarayan, all of them are our ideals. We are travelling in the same lines, same roads in which they all travelled - Causing a social revolution based on spiritual principle. Causing the social revolution based on spiritual principles. How much Basavanna suffered you should know! You should read his biography. God! The amount of torture he went through! And the amount of torture Ramanuja went through! The amount of torture Swaminarayan went through! The amount of torture Jnanasambandhar went through! All of them, other than Jnanasambandhar; everyone literally picked up the sword itself to fight. Bhagawan Swaminarayan, Basavanna and the great masters, they are forced so much. Finally, they picked up the sword! 


Bhagawan Swaminarayan personally went to wage war, because six-hundred of his Paramahamsas were beaten black and blue by the negative elements. Basavanna, his life was war; because so many were trying to……those Brahmin elements were trying to eliminate Basavanna. And, Jnanasambandhar, he never picked up the sword, but he has to use the king to eliminate around ten-thousand so-called Jain monks who are not actually monks, but using Jainism for their own vested interests. If you see all their struggle, then you will understand. See, as long as the spiritual truths are kept in the forests, society does not bother. They don’t get disturbed. They say, ‘You live in your dream, we will live in our dream. You don’t bring your dream on us and wake us up!’ When the spiritual principles are influenced into the society, sent into the society in the form of social revolution, people need to wake up, which they don’t want! 

Ramanuja had to run away so many times and hide in Melkote! Bhagawan Swaminarayan has to fight in the war! Basavanna had to fight in the war! And Jnanasambandhar had to run from place to place! I tell you, only with all that struggle they created a social revolution based on spiritual principles. Now you will understand why we are being attacked so much! For the last five-thousand years, humanity has not changed! And it will not change! Whenever the spiritual principles are brought into society as social revolution, society has to wake up, which is too much, which they don’t want. So, naturally, whoever calls them to wake up, they claim they are mad people or selfish people. They give all titles and attributes so that their sleep will not be disturbed; they can continue to be in slumber! 


Today, me personally and Dhyanapeetam, honors Basavanna for his great spiritual contribution and social revolution.

Understand, I bless all the devotees in Karnataka to live the path shown by great saint, spiritual being, enlightened master, Basavanna! 

I will enter into satsangh.

Today’s subject for Nithya Satsangh is: ‘PRACTICING THE PRINCIPLES LAYER BY LAYER’.

Listen! An ordinary man can start Integrity. Just through the Integrity, if he practices layer by layer, layer by layer, goes deeper and deeper, just by Integrity he will become enlightened! He will become enlightened! Listen! Layer by layer practicing the Integrity, just by Integrity he will become enlightened!

Same way, an ordinary man can start practicing Responsibility as a simple vow to be successful in his life, to be more productive, to be more inspiring and end up being the Lord of the Universe, just by taking Responsibility; become Mahadeva himself!

Please understand, these principles leads you to the higher and higher planes even if you start in a very simple way, it leads you to the higher and higher planes when you are strong and stable in living them. 


If you see in our meditation programs, first level, Kalpataru Program, even in one day we teach same four tattwas. Morning Nithya Satsangh, every day, I speak only on four tattwas. Two-day meditation program, NDY, we speak on four tattwas. Four-day meditation program NKY, we speak only on four tattwas. Then again, two-day Healer’s Initiation, we speak only on four tattwas. Again, two-day eN-Relationship program, we speak only on four tattwas. And, again, Inner Awakening Level-1, 10 days program, we will speak only on four tattwas. Again, Inner Awakening twenty-one-day program, we speak only on four tattwas. 

Then is it all the same? No! It is neither same nor same! Understand, it is neither same nor different! It is neither same nor different! Means what? The same tattwas, you are being guided into it layer by layer, deeper and deeper.

Understand, from morning satsang to Inner Awakening, after Inner Awakening also we continue to have many group gatherings. In everything, Enriching sessions; in everything we speak only about four tattwas; only about the four tattwas. 

Then can you say ‘Oh, I attend morning satsangh every day. I understand four tattwas. Why do I need to go to Inner Awakening?’ Can you say that? No! Only after you come to Inner Awakening you will understand! It is like somebody saying, ‘After all I have eyes! I can see what is there in the star, what is there in the sky. Why do I need a telescope, satellite?’ Can this be right understanding? 

Only when you get a telescope, and telescopes established in satellites, cameras established in satellites, only when you are able to do that research you will understand with bare eyes seeing the stars is totally different, with telescope seeing them is totally different! 

Morning satsangh is seeing the four tattwas with bare eyes. Inner Awakening is seeing the tattwas through the highest, best telescope, satellite-fixed telescope, satellite-mounted telescope! 


Somebody asked me yesterday, one of my Swamini, ‘What is the difference between satsangh and Inner Awakening? People are asking! In satsangh also Swamiji talks about the same four tattwas so beautifully. That is enough!’

As I said, I speak, true! But are you listening? Are you experiencing? 

So, Inner Awakening is to make you experience! It is to make you experience!

There is a big difference between seeing the stars with the bare eyes, especially in the day time. Sometime you look at the stars in the day time and you think you are seeing. Then, satsangh is like seeing the stars in the day time. Kalpataru is trying to see the stars during twilight, evening. NDY is seeing the stars in the night time. NKY is seeing the stars using the home-made telescope. Inner Awakening-1 is seeing the stars using the telescope. Inner Awakening itself is seeing the stars using the telescope mounted on satellite. Means, layer by layer by layer you understand, you internalize, you imbibe. 

How many of you, after finding the root-pattern, feel ‘Oh, God! I should share this knowledge of finding their root-pattern and coming out of their suffering to the whole world?’ (People raise their hands). I authorize all of you! Go around and help people! Go around and help people! Even if they don’t find the root-pattern, if you can inspire them they should find their root-pattern and complete it, only then they will start the life; that is a great service! I bless you all and authorize you all. This knowledge is no my copyright. Go around! Talk to your watchman. Talk to your newspaper boy. Talk to your boss. Newspaper boy may get it very easily than your boss! Talk to all your customers, clients, employees. Talk to everyone. Make them understand only when they find their root-thought-pattern and complete, the life starts. 

How many of you feel, ‘Only now after the completion of the root-pattern, my life is starting?’ (People raise their hands). That’s the truth! That’s the truth! Don’t wait for them to come to the Inner Awakening. You help whatever way you can. When they come here, I will take care of them. I will raise them to the next level. You help whatever way you can.


These four tattwas should become basic lessons in the schools and colleges. Then you will not see kids becoming mad before education, before examination, committing suicide after the examination results come out. Every day, last few days, Tamil Nadu, every district kids are committing suicide! Not even failing; because of less marks! Can you see the madness? The education system has become a terrorism. More people are getting killed than through the terrorism because of this education method! I tell you, unless you teach these four tattwas and finding the root-pattern and completing from the young age, you are not going to remove terrorism from the life and from the education. From the life and from the education! 

Human-beings need to understand what are we doing with our next generation? Where are we leading our next generation? These four tattwas should become basic lesson! Basic lesson! It can make Man, real Man! 

Understand, if the Integrity becomes part of the people, first thing, the country will be relieved from corruption, swindling. Emptying the country will be eliminated! First of all, the conversion will stop. Human-beings will evolve as divine beings. Just see what a huge impact we will be able to create on human-beings if we can help them to find their root-pattern and complete with it! Root-pattern is the root cause of all suffering. When you start practicing these four principles – Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enlightenment – only then your life starts. 

When you practice more and more intensely, when you begin to practice Integrity, it will start like ‘you will not tell lies, you will be in time, punctual’; it will end up as thoughtless space and Vaak Siddhi. ‘Thoughtless space’ means enlightenment! ‘Vaak Siddhi’ means, whatever you utter will become reality. Understand, Integrity starts as not telling lies and being punctual; ends as power to make any words you utter into reality and enlightenment itself!

Same way, Authenticity, it starts as being straightforward, but ends as being ‘possible’, anything is possible for you. Whatever you read in stories are simply possible for you as life. You read in stories the yogis lived without food. It is possible for you now! People who are doing Nirahara Samyama! I know there are some people who just live on water; nothing else! Very healthy, hefty, not losing weight! Understand, when you the start Authenticity, it will be in one level. When you start practicing it intensely, you will reach a totally different level.

Same way, Responsibility, when you start practicing, it may be like you  will become more responsible in your office, in your house; but it ends up as being the Leader of the Universe, responsible for the whole Cosmos! Ability to do anything with the Cosmos, like Eshwarathwa!

When you start practicing Enriching, it may start like Charity. You may enrich somebody with one rupee or one meal, one set of dress; but it will end up as Enlightenment! 


So, practicing of these four tattwas makes you do different, different, different levels. It takes you to a different, different, different space. 

Listen! Only by living intensely, tattwas become sathyas in you, tattwas become sathyas in you. Live! Live! Live! Live the tattwas intensely! Bring them into your life layer by layer by layer by layer. Your body will listen to you. Your mind will listen to you. World will listen to you. The universe will listen to you. Humanity will listen to you. You will be enriching the world and world will be enriching you. You will be enriching the universe and universe will be enriching you. 

Even common man can start practicing these tattwas in his own level. He will understand Integrity as not lying, punctual; Authenticity is being honest and straightforward; Responsibility as responsible for his job and the money he receives; Enriching as charity. That is the way a common man will understand. But even in that way start practicing. Start practicing! I tell you, then layer by layer you will absorb the tattwas and tattwas will absorb you. Then Integrity will lead you to more and more space of peace, and every word you utter will become reality. Responsibility will lead you to more and more powerful space. Authenticity will lead you - more and more space of Possibility; Everything, everything is possible! Possible! Possible! You will be able to do everything! Possible! Possible! Possible!


Understand, Enriching may start as charity; it will end up as Enlightenment itself, because you will be enriching by pouring your very life, the whole life, whole world. When you renounce everything else other than Enriching, you are in enlightened space. You are in the space of Enlightenment. You can see the lives of the great Masters like Basavanna, Jnanasambandhar, Ramanuja, Bhagawan Swaminarayan. Nothing for their own! Ramanuja lived more than 100 years but nothing for himself! He gave everything to society. Even after death, he mummified his body. Still that body is sitting and enriching people! Gnanasambandhar still his presence is enriching the world! Basavanna, Gnanasambandhar, Ramanuja, Bhagawan Swaminarayan, they taught these four principles in the very preliminary, primary level, to the ultimate enlightenment level! 

Only when there is a principle is able to reach you where you are and can make you reach where you need to be, it can be a successful principle. The four tattwas have that quality. It can reach you wherever you are and it can make you reach where you need to be. Where you are to where you need to be! From where you are to where you need to be! These principles are independently intelligent. All you need is bring them into your life, bring them into your life, bring them into your life sincerely, as sincerely as possible, as authentically as possible. I can see, every time when people practice these four principles, immediately their Kundalini is awakened, their whole inner space is ready for energy darshan, ready for spiritual experiences, ready for spiritual powers. 

How many of you, after coming to the program first time, experienced levitation, Kundalini awakening? Raise your hand. (People raise their hands). It is the power of the tattwas, power of the principles! Start thinking through Dhamma, through these four principles of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. You will see, you live in your peak!


See, Nirahara Samyama what we do? Nothing! Simple with the power of our Integrity and Authenticity we declare this body should produce the energy directly from space! Over! For days you don’t eat, but you are not tired! Energy is directly produced from the space! How many of you feel energetic with Nirahara Samyama and The Samyama? Come on! You are working twice than your regular routine! Am I right? Morning at least 4:30 you have to get up, Am I right? to be here! And night even 11 o’clock the Resort guys don’t open the door! Just 11 to 4, six hours sleep! Whole day heavy mental and physical work! Physical yoga and mental work of Dhamma! 11 to 4 is only five hours sleep! And no food, no sleep, but you are alive, energetic! How many of you found out this miracle? (People raise their hands). That is the power of Integrity and Authenticity! Your body starts producing the food directly from the space. Your body starts producing the energy directly from the space. And finding your root-pattern is not a easy joke. It’s not that you don’t spend any energy at all in finding your root-pattern. How much of emotional turmoil you go through, ups and downs! Usually when you go through emotional turmoil, your body will become tired, you burn more calories, you work out more! But even after going through this tough emotional turmoils, your feel powerful, full of energy, no tiredness! How many of you feel this? (People raise their hands). Relax! It is because of the power of your Integrity and Authenticity! Integrity Authenticity and Responsibility! Understand, it is the power of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching!

You need to know the power of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. It transforms your very body, mind, emotions, cognition itself! Understand, the Poosalaar Naayanaar, he is a great saint from Tamil Nadu. What will be the power of his Integrity and Authenticity! The temple he built in his heart, Shiva wants to go come and reside. And He wants to tell the king, ‘his (Poosalaar Naayanaar’s) temple is much greater than the stone temple you (the king) built!’ Then what should be the power of Integrity and Authenticity of Poosalaar Naayanaar? The space of completion he would have been living! And the space of Enlightenment he was in! 

The space you carry is much more important! That is the capital for your life. Listen! The space you carry is the capital for your life. The power of your declaration is the reason why with so much of heavy work you continue to be energetic. And, of course, today morning first session itself women are going to find their root-pattern. So there will be river of tears in the hall by the time they find their root-pattern! But, end, everyone is only energetic, not tired! Not tired! 



So you should know the moment you understand the power of Integrity and Authenticity, you fall in love with Dhamma! You fall in love with Dharma! It is not falling in love; rising in love with Dharma! Start whatever level you know, you understand about Dharma. Don’t think, ‘I am only listening to satsangh through TV! I will go and attend the Inner Awakening; then I will start practicing these four tattwas.’ No! Start practicing wherever you are, whatever little you understand.

Same way Inner Awakening people! Don’t think, ‘oh, I learnt all this in the satsangh itself. What more am I going to learn now?’ No! As I said, it is seeing the stars through the telescope! Inner Awakening has its own strength. Start practicing and deepen and deepen the practicing of the tattwas. You see, what is practicing of these tattwas? Your thinking should be in this style! That’s all! If there is obstacle, it is because of root-patterns. Break it. Complete it. That’s all! Anything is possible! When you are in the space of anything is possible, you understand, I am the favorite child of the Cosmos – Brahmanyam Bahuputratham. I am the favorite child of the Universe! 
So essence of today’s satsang is: 

Start the four principles wherever you are, from that level and don’t stop there. Go on intensify. Let your thinking become tattwamaya! Let the thinking itself become through these four tattwas. Let your thinking become based on these four principles. Tattwas will become sathya. You will reach the highest possibility and Enlightenment!