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Pranayama Technique for Enlightenment

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda re-interpreted the classic definition for Pranayama. "When you stop your mind, your breathing gets fulfilled. If your mind is interfering with your breathing, it won't be fulfilled." This is the essence of the spiritual practice of Pranayama. If you feel you have everything in the outer world and you are not fulfilled, your breathing is not fulfilled. If your breathing is fulfilled, everything will be fulfilled in your life even if you have so many complications in the outer world. Paramahamsa Nithyananda reflected on the epidemic of depression in the world, "I really feel bad for the western society which is caught in psychiatric medicines to come out of depressions. These techniques can be an instant permanent cure at any level. These techniques can get any human being out of mental diseases, at any level or age." To demonstrate, he used the example that your body is like a desert filled with sand. Any air movement happens in your body, any airflow, all the dust will be shifted by the air and the wind becomes dusty with sand. In the same way all bodies are filled with biomemory and for any air movement these biomemories are lifted. So breathing by its very nature makes you restless and unfulfilled. However, if breathing happens without provoking thoughts in your inner space, you are enlightened. That's what he called pranayama - breathing happening without provoking thoughts. Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained the process that happens for his ashramites living around him, and the people attending courses. "I'm actually trying to do my breathing in all your bodies. I'm breathing without thoughts, this breathing is contagious, if you sit in my breathing space, your breathing also catches this. This is what I call ocean." Your biomemory is intelligent, if you like somebody, just like that you can do what he does. Body language which is able to inspire many people's biomemory to automatically follow with what one is doing is what I call charisma. He gave a simple technique for breathing without creating thoughts: Sit comfortably and observe the breathing movement. Whenever you get a thought, other than the breathing process, just stop breathing immediately. This is one of the most powerful pranayama processes.