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In this Q&A session (17 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals deep truths about the 25 states of consciousness and the 11 dimensions of the universe that exist by answering questions from disciples. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe.
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Participant - What’s the interplay between the 25 states of Consciousness and the 11 Dimensions?




 Swamiji - I should say, 25 states of the consciousness is what you perceive, you go through.  11 dimensions of Universe is what Universe perceives it is going through.




Participant - If you are changing your state of Consciousness, it will automatically change the dimension you are in and vice versa….




Swamiji - Yes. Sure. When somebody moves to turiyatita-turiyatita, he will never be in length. Naturally he will be more and more in length, breadth, depth, time, space. Surely change of Consciousness leads to change of State.




Participant – But will the change in state actually lead to a change in Consciousness as well? If you go…. Both?




Swamiji - Yes, both. Both. You see, when you change - world changes. When world changes - you change.




Participant - But will a change has to be regressive? Let’s say you achieved turiyatita turiyatita, there is no way you actually to go back to being a deep sleep…..




Swamiji - I should tell you, the regressive possibility completely disappears the moment you even...even you enter into turiya; after that no regressive possibility. Till jagrat jagrat, there is  regressive possibility... but not after the turiya.




Participant - When I am in a relationship or I am having a meaningful conversation with somebody, is it just the state in which I am there, that will define the quality of the relationship or conversation I am having or is it that in that state what is the extent of length, breadth and depth I have, that will decide….




Swamiji - No, no, no, actually the state in which you exist that decides. Length, breadth, depth is always liquid. It just gets altered the moment you shift the state. Just a simple remembrance of the Guru, the intimate touch, that experience remembrance, your whole energy will be shifted; the length, breadth, depth will be different. That is why we have in Sanskrit, ‘ smaranāt mukti - just by remembrance, liberation’. So you don’t have to bother about length, breadth, depth of that dimension, that space - the space you are in matters.




Participant - So the 5 components of this 11 dimensions, are they anyway related to the Pancha Bhootas, because they seem to be….




Swamiji - No, no, no, 5 elements are….all 5 elements are within the….see, that space is different, this space is different. The space in Pancha Bhuta is Vyoma. The space in this 11 dimension is Akasha. Vyoma is different - Akasha is different.




Participant - I see. And one more follow up question, the Dwadasha Jyotirlingas, some of them are supposed to express certain tattva like akasha tattva, vayu tattva….




Swamiji - No, that is Pancha Bhuta Lingas.




Participant - Oh, so that is also….




Swamiji - Dwadasha Jyotirlinga is different, Pancha Bhuta Lingas are like a...Thiruvannamalai is Agni, Kanchipuram is the….Earth and Thiruvanaikaval - Water and Kalahasti -  Air, Chidambaram - Akasha, it means the Vyoma.




Participant - I am also trying to understand the space, so in this 63 Nayanmar story, Pusalar Nayanar, he builds a temple in the mind….




Swamiji - That is the depth….




Participant - Depth. And the….




Swamiji - Depth. See, from the space, he builds in depth. He does not have length, breadth. That is why, his temple was more strong than the temple built by a king with the stone and the mud.




Participant - Right. Sadāshiva attends his temple.




Swamiji - Not only that, after the Kumbhabhishekam, Sadāshiva gives the boon to that Pusalar Nayanar, “The temple you built, will become reality in the physical plane”, and it is still there in Kanchipuram. See all of you….I don’t know how many of you know this story?


See, in Kanchipuram, the temple which was taken out of Pusalar’s inner depth and kept out by Sadāshiva, is still there. You will be surprised, all those pillars and stones does not look like a carved; as if they have been done by a...some chemical. See those pillars, does not have a chiselling mark. It is done as if they applied some chemical and they made the pillars out of stone. It is still there in Kanchipuram. There is a temple in Kanchipuram, which Pusalar Nayanar built in his depth and after accepting that, Sadāshiva makes that into reality and keeps it the real plane, means physical plane.




Participant - Swamiji, one question - is there any correlation between the Trayo Gunas and the states of consciousness?




Swamiji - I should say, the whole deep sleep is Tamas and dream and Jagrat belongs to Rajas, Turiya and Turiyatita belongs to Sattva. I should say, Turiya belongs to Sattva, Turiyatita not even Sattva, its beyond Sattva.




Participant - So my question is - in our Hindu religion, we do take rebirths until we come to a birth where we are enlightened.


Swamiji - Yes, liberated .


Participant - And thanks to you I don’t have to worry about this birth. So my question is like in Tamil, they say, pullai pundai puluvai, so we do accumulate karmas to come to this janma. I want you to shed some light, at which stage do we start accumulating that karmas to be here?




Swamiji - I should say, to be here means….you mean to say, in presence of Guru?




Participant - Ya, whole….my whole journey.




Swamiji - Aah, you see, that’s all. That, in the presence of Gurus starts... the journey starts when you feel whatever you are seeing with 5 senses, are not complete. The moment you start doubting the existence or the authority, authenticity of what you perceive through 5 senses and start feeling, “At one time this will all go away. This is not going to be permanent.” At that moment start seeking, that moment you start accumulating the karmas needed to be in the presence of the Master.




Participant - Thank you Swami, but when I was asking like I know when we are without senses, we do certain things, we accumulate the karma, but at which stage do we start accumulating that, because like puluvai...




Swamiji - Whenever the muscle memory and bio-memory starts building. I should say, more like a animal bodies, the worm...that level bodies, that is where the karma starts getting recorded, not as plants. As plants you don’t build muscle memory and bio-memory.




Participant - In manifesting realities, you said, “Desires don’t manifest - beliefs manifest”. So desire is the length and belief is the breadth. Is that what you said?




Swamiji - I should say, desire is length. Belief is a space of deeper breadth and higher depth. It is the space between the breadth and depth; because some of your beliefs get into depth.




Participant - And where does the time factor….time and action….like how long does it take...




Swamiji - It depends on the depth. If the depth is more, it touches the time. If the depth is less, it is touching the breadth. It’s like a 5 blocks one on the another. If the length is too much, it is touching the breadth. If the length is…. breadth is too much, it is touching the depth. If the depth is too much, it is touching the time. If the time is too much, it is touching the space.




Participant - So, what...what decides how long it will take?




Swamiji - Intensity.




Participant - Intensity. Intensity of belief?




Swamiji -, intensity of your decision, conscious decision. Even belief, you see, I should say, belief is not depth. Your Will is depth. Belief does not make depth. Your Will makes depth. Conscious Will makes depth.




Participant - One final question Swamiji - what is the difference between love and devotion?




Swamiji - If you know, It is Sadāshiva manifesting as my Guru and this form will lead me to that Sadāshivatva’, it is devotion. If you think, “As on now, I do not know anything about Sadāshiva. The way He is expressing as my Guru, I am in love with Him. Let me just follow” - it is love. I tell you, love is great in the beginning, but not enough. It has to ripe into devotion. Only then the ultimate is experienced as experience. Love is great in the beginning, no doubt about it, but it has to ripe into devotion.




Participant - When...if you let’s say, if you are tired, very tired. When do you know if there is a...maybe this disfunction in this 25 states of consciousness or when is it simply ‘you don’t eat well’ or you just…..




Swamiji - I should tell, all your tiredness is stupidity. Take that stand, that is the truth. All your tiredness is stupidity. All your boredom is withdrawal. Tiredness and boredom is nothing but trying to get all the results of engaging with life without engaging with life. Greedy for the results of engaging with life, but does not want to engage with life.




Participant - Ya, that’s what I heard yesterday, that made a click. Thank you.




Participant - I wanted to ask about...after the darshan you….you conducted 25 states of consciousness...I felt something that I had never felt in my life. I felt like… I am kind of a zombie…. I felt like, I am going and I can’t...I can’t smile to anyone, I can’t talk to anyone, but there were like 2 entities inside of me. One entity that experienced this zombie like feelings…




Swamiji - Actually that is nothing but the inner image and outer image is getting balanced... one with each other. So you don’t have to worry about it. It’ll not lead to any complication. Just settle down with it, in few days it will become all right.




Participant - I started to think that, “Oh my God, Swamiji is brainwashing. I don’t know what I am going….




Swamiji - No, no, no, I only wash brains. I don’t brainwash. No, people use all these words. They use, “Oh, brainwashing.” Understand. I only wash your brain. You see, this is the scale to find out whether you are brainwashed or your brain is washed. Scale is ‘Sat-chit-ananda’. After My programs, do you feel more alive, do you feel more conscious, do you feel more blissful, then I am not brainwashing you - I am washing your brain.




Participant - If I may, one more question or two?




Swamiji - Aah...yes. Let Me finish. Same way people try to tell, “Oh, it’s some cult.” NO! We are a culture not cult. The scale again - whatever I am sharing, is from Shastra Pramana, 60000 years old. I should say, Oldest living civilization. I represent World’s oldest living civilization. I embody world’s oldest living civilization’s best fruits waiting to be shared with the world. Understand. We are neither a cult not brainwashing group. This is the basic scale - does what I am teaching make you more aware, more conscious and more blissful?




Participant -  I wonder, the experience that we had in the Yoga sessions, is so intense like I….never levitate, but I felt for the first time the kundalini is awakened and I can do anything I want. That’s an amazing experience and I wonder…..




Swamiji - And today, did guys used salt, tomorrow you are going to use onion. Onion is a another one powerful detoxifier. You should come with your socks. If you don’t have socks, at least get the eyeband. You will be putting the onion in that….you see, this spot is third eye spot. This spot is directly connected to third eye. That is why when Bhrigu hit at Vishnu, he presses that part and lock his third eye. This part is directly connected to third eye. So you are going to put the onion on that part and pull all the detox...means the toxins out. Detoxification of third eye - tomorrow yoga! Tomorrow yoga is mainly for detoxification of third eye, and actually ... after we do the yoga, take out that onion...if you smell, it will be exactly smelling like a fluoride. Because fluoride is the very major toxin attacks third eye. You know how the fluoride will smell. If you pick that and smell, it will be exactly fluoride smell.




Participant - As per Agamas, what is enlightenment Swami?




Swamiji - Manifesting your consciousnesses’ fullness. For example: if you own this body, manifesting its fullness, if you own this mind, manifesting its fullness. Everything you own, manifesting its fullness - is enlightenment as per Agama.




Participant - Swamiji, I heard...a….gravity is in breadth, so I thought gravity is a law and it should be in the length dimension…..




Swamiji - I should say, whatever you understand as gravity... is not complete. The Newton’s theory is not complete. If Newton’s theory is complete, levitation can never happen. Levitation disproves Newton’s theory and we have already proved, when people levitate there is no muscle effort. We have proved with tons of researches; at least on 100 heads, we have fixed the QEG. When people are jumping, there is no individual muscle effort. You see, when the muscles wants to jump and you try to up, that records as a muscle effort in your brain. It is not there. Complete utter restful awareness and body is jumping. So, I….I should tell you, the Newton’s theory is not complete and maybe in the further...I’ll give you more detailed answers, because if I start talking about that, that will take 2-3 hours now. Understand this much - Newton’s theory is not complete.




Participant - A question about physical pain and relating it to 11 dimensions. There is a acute pain which save us, prevents from destruction and there is a chronic pain where…..




Swamiji - All pain is from length.




Participant - Length... so it lives in length. So there is no pain in depth?




Swamiji - In reality no pain. All pain is thought current.




Participant - Okay, is there Agamic studies to help people with pain?




Swamiji - More, more of moving towards the depth and completion - means completion, unclutching tremendously removes the pain. Just unclutching can help in a very big way, to get people out of pains.




Participant - How Panchangam has been which dimension?




Swamiji - Actually, there is a clear formula of how things move usually. It matches almost 90%; so based on that formula of the Varahamihira, it is done. I should say, Grahas...all the Grahas, the whole thing falls into the dimension of length, breadth, depth. And the whole length, breadth, depth, our Masters have evolved as Sutra, based on that the Panchika is predicted and I don’t know whether you guys will be or you guys are aware - in India we have a system called Panchika, Panchanga - a book published one year before, which precisely tells the date and days of the rain and still it works. This Chennai rain, this Chennai heavy flood, its perfect; still it works. At least that in...there is a thing called arkot 19:25?????? panchangam, still I am referring; even for this Sadāshivoham date, time and all that we were wondering whether it will be rainy and how many days it will be rainy and all that. I just referred only that and it’s working.




Participant - Swamiji and one more question Swamiji. In Kumbh Mela many Aghoris and all consuming that marijuana and all Swamiji. How they are balancing their body?




Swamiji - You see, their actions are from different plane. It is different level. You cannot imitate them. Understand that first. They have a different energy, different balancing and it is sometimes used as a medicine to settle the body. If that level of tapas is done and the Guru’s instruction, then somebody uses…. I don’t think it is going to affect them. It’s only going to help them; but I am not recommending for a normal man. Any common man should not be using marijuana for any purpose other than medicine purpose. Medical purposes it can be used. Other than that it should not be used. At least My disciples - no marijuana - for any purpose other than medical purpose. And I have seen, it only damages people, if proper guidance is not there or proper Guru’s instruction is not there and all that. Even MahaNirvani Akhada I banned it; whole MahaNirvani Akhada - very strictly banned. Other Akhadas, Juna and all - use. MahaNirvani I strictly banned. After I started developing a say, means when people have started listening to Me, I banned and MahaNirvani completely banned it.




Participant - Vedic astrology how is it different, if you have classes on it here.




Swamiji - Vedic astrology is a very powerful science, to predict your future happenings, if you are continuing... going to continue with the same mental setup and almost 99% of the people continue with the same mental setup; even though they think they are going to change, nothing is going to change J unless the Master intervenes and changes it strongly. So it’s a very powerful science. Usually it is used, to show what is going to happen in the future and support this person to change the mental structure. Masters used astrology for transformation, not for information.




Participant - You know you are crea….I mean you are….you are taking all of us into a state know….really experiencing Turiya, Turiyatita, 11 dimensions of reality, all that in different, different ways. I am really amazed by that. And then from the 11 dimensions of the reality…..




Swamiji - You see, ultimately I am trying to give you all the glimpse - all these are real, not stories. It’s not Harry Potter story. Hari’s Pot Story!!




Participant - Ya, then yesterday you said Swamiji…..




Swamiji - In Hindu tradition, Hari’s Pot means Krishna’s butter pot is considered to be the world.




Participant - Yesterday you said Swamiji….




Swamiji - Ganesha’s tummy and Krishna’s butter pot, Hanuman’s tail - is the Universe.




Participant - And regarding 11 dimensions of reality, you said, Length and depth, the example given was Ramanuja, because he is unable to establish the reality….




Swamiji - Length and depth, not breadth because no visualization about the steps.




Participant - Depth...Sorry….length and depth. Ya, that is the breadth right? So that means what happens in the breadth is the ability to establish the reality?




Swamiji - No, no, no, ability….visua… the breadth, visualization happens. Visualization is responsible for connecting length and depth. You see, His depth is that Mukkur Maha Lakshmi, She reveals answers, like a tuk tuk tuk. His length is He - Ramanujam, he catches. Because it is…..there is no breadth, he doesn’t know how he came to the conclusion.




Participant - The connection is not there. Okay.




Swamiji - Breadth is required, if the breadth was there, then he would have known clearly - why he came to this conclusion.




Participant – Right... and manifesting powers is from the time and space…..




Swamiji - I should say, it is from Sadāshivatva, the Oneness. You see, without even introducing much about the Oneness, I am trying to provoke the Oneness in you. I have not done much of see, for example - if you have to study Oneness in Vedanta 12 years you have to study. They will start Sadhana Catushtayam - athato brahma jijñāsā. It will take 12 years for you to understand. Here all I am trying to do is - even before you understand experientially, you have Oneness. I am awakening that. So you start manifesting powers. By more and more manifesting powers, you understand the theories and philosophies and concepts and truths of Oneness.





Participant - So where it comes in 11 dimensions of reality?




Swamiji - I should say - Space.



Participant - Okay, so not time and space, only in space.




Swamiji - Only space. What I am saying - in the soul, individual soul, Consciousness is the unit. In Universe, space is the unit. In Sadāshiva, Shakti is the unit. All 3 are one and the same.