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In this video (17 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda clarifies a disciple's question about enriching and doing everything from the space of Oneness. He explains that anyone, operating in any profession can be enriching in every action they do. Being integrated to the first declaration we make, to our first principle is bringing Oneness, Enriching in everything we do. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe.
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Participant - You talked about doing everything from Oneness. I am trying to understand how that applies to practical life. Is it same as saying, “Do everything from enrichment of others, is that what you mean by - “Do everything from Oneness.”




Swamiji - No, no, please understand. Now, it is like a...even enriching you think it’s like a job. When I say, “enriching”, I mean, for example - if you are a cobbler stitching the shoes, you don’t have to be all the time thinking about the money you are going to get it back - money is to run your life, to put fuel for your vehicle, to have meal. You can always say, “I will be integrated to what I am doing and enrich these people, by mending….by stitching their shoes. Money is utility value to run the life, because that is the way Matrix runs. But that is not going to move my integrity towards my commitment to the people.” Then, even stitching the shoes is enriching. Enriching is not necessary it should always be enlightenment giving. Sharing a meal! For example - if this integrated people start running food industry, pharmaceutical industries, whole world will become enlightened. So, when I say, “enriching”, when I say, “Oneness”, it is being integrated to the first principle.


You see, in anything you do, you know the first principle; am I right? First statement; for example: lawyer - he is committed to his client. Doctor - he is committed to life. Engineer - he is committed to the product he is delivering; the first principle of your existence. Being integrated to the first principle of your existence without the fine print footnotes; you see, all of you know the first principle of your existence. Am I right? Being committed to that, being integrated to that! All the other utility transactions... cannot touch the integrity of your first principle. They may be there, may not be there... but the first principle cannot be compromised, cannot be compromised.

I tell you, first principle brings strength. Understand. Integrity to first principle is strength. That is what Sadāshiva calls it as Svadharma. He uses the word ‘Svadharma’ in Agama, means your first principle is Svadharma. All of you are very clear about your first principle, am I right? What is your first principle - Means your declaration about you to the world. All of you know your first principle - being integrated to that, that’s all!!




Participant - Swamiji, when we say, “We know the first principle”, it is something that changes from time to time….isnt it?




Swamiji - Time to time… I should say, the practical application may change time to time, but not the first principle itself. First principle itself does not change time to time. Surely it doesn’t change.




Participant - Like you said, “If someone becomes a doctor, then he wants to become an engineer, then




Swamiji - Oh, no, no, no, what I am saying, that time what I said - multi dimensional... that I used. Here what I said is, your main commitment; even if you are doing multi dimensional, then your first principle should be, “When I am declaring myself as a doctor, I am committed to life, when I am declaring myself as a lawyer I am committed to client, when I declaring myself as an engineer, I am committed to the delivery of the product.” That’s all. So that’s the first principle. ‘What I am declaring’, that forms my first principle. Your first principle is your Svadharma and being integrated to your Svadharma without shaking or letting your integrity to be shaken by any of the outcomes and side effects; whether you are praised or blamed or showered, supported or beaten, being integrated to your first principle.