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In this video (17 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that we our will and our ability to manifest it are one and the same. We are capable of manifesting anything that we are able to will. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe.
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Participant - Swamiji, my question is related to the micro management. You mentioned that, it is nothing but being involved in every aspect of life. So after attending Sadāshivoham, I feel that a… I can do anything. So how do not take up something that maybe I may not be able to suddenly decide, I can be a Medical Surgeon.ygbwns zsz How do I keep my...whatever I want to manifest….like….




Swamiji - See, I am telling you, I am telling you. Your Will and your ability to manifest, will not create conflict in you. If you think there will be conflict, it’s imaginary. Will and ability to manifest is one and the same. Iccha and Jnana and Kriya are one and the same.




Participant - Supposing I am trying to focus on my work, find a new job and my wife says, “Okay, stop reading Rajiv Malhotra books and focus on finding a new job”, so….




Swamiji - Come on! J




Participant - Kind of trying to prioritize so that, you know, I take up something which I can do….




Swamiji - See, I am telling you…, no, no, I am telling you, this idea of prioritizing is another one BIG mental blockage. I am telling you, pick up Rajiv’s book and spend little time, then pick up the other things. You will see, you are able to manage everything. It is actually a knack. With all this Sadāshivoham, everything - talk to your friends who are My Facebook friends... they are getting My blessings and comments and everything as usual!! It is actually a knack. You see, surely I cannot make a time management calendar for you, but I can tell you one thing, this prioritizing is only a mental pattern.


You are capable enough to manage the whole thing. It may look very impractical, if you do not approach this idea with sympathy. You see, when I heard this truth, I approached it with lot of sympathy; I have digested it. If you decide not to approach this truth with sympathy, it’s up to you; but I tell you, this idea of prioritizing is a stupid mental pattern. You can do everything always, so jump head over heels. In the initial one or two days, even if it is a confusion, don’t bother. Approach this idea “you can do everything” with sympathy.