Create a new mind

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


You use only 10 or 15 major mental patterns in your everyday life. You may be thinking, No, Swamiji, I use 2000 patterns per day! NO. You are not that intelligent! Even if you are really demonic and criminal, you can be having maximum 15 patterns! See to it that 15 patterns are transformed, and you are responding to them in a new way. What are mental patterns? When your anger comes up, that is one mental pattern. Irritation, tiredness, lust – these are mental patterns. Sometime people are so unconscious. When lust comes, they respond with anger. If you respond with romance, you are at least in your natural state, but if you respond with anger, you are perverted. And you respond to your anger in a romantic way! You sing and celebrate it. When confusion comes, you respond with active analysis. Actually, your chaos and confusion is just garbage. You should respond to it just by ignoring or unclutching. Whenever the peace and restful awareness comes up, respond with activeness and life.  But see how you respond! When there is confusion and chaos, you sit and think, think, analyze, and make everybody in the world a criminal except you. But when you feel peaceful and in restful awareness, you just lie down. You never celebrate it in your life.

So basically you respond only to 10-15 patterns per day. If for those patterns, you have started giving complete new response, your old mind is dead, and new mind is created. 


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