Let your heart judge

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I tell you, whenever you have dilemma between mind and heart, always choose heart. Understand, end of your life, it is your heart which is going to judge whether you are a success or failure. Your mind loses its power on you. If your mind was the judge, all the rich fellows should have a complete satisfied death, because as far as the mind is concerned, money, status, enjoyment, beauty, this, that, everything - it is a great life. Good husband, amazing kids, wonderful house, good friends and family – if mind is going to be the judge, then all the fellows who are rich, who asked for all these things, should be having a very fulfilling death, very satisfying end. But that is not happening. 

Whenever you have dilemma, always choose heart, because heart is the one which is going to tell whether you are fulfilled or not. Mind is just a prostitute. It will just play any side it wants. One small reason is enough for mind to completely tumble you, make you lose your very basis of life. Why do you think millions of people commit suicide? Because when mind tumbles you, just make you imbalanced, you do things momentarily, which you can never repair after that. Suicide is always the decision of the mind, never the heart. People say, Oh, his heart is broken, he committed suicide. No. His mind is broken, so he committed suicide. It is never heart. 

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