Maya is God's classroom

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Swamiji,  in one satsang you told that God is responsible for everything. Then why does he create maya for all of us? You also told that only God can remove it, so why do we have to go through this? - Krishna, student, Nithyananda Gurukul

Krishna – first thing, when I said God is responsible for everything, it is more a statement of realization, not the statement of factuality. It is from my experience. That statement is true only when you also experience. So without having that experience, the next statement you make does not have any meaning. It is like you asking - Swamiji created the Gurukul, then why did he create the classrooms where we have to sit and study? Why do we need to go through this? Because you need to evolve. Maya is classroom created by God!

Understand, unless you go through the classroom, you don’t get matured to know many of the truths. And only when you spend lot of time in the classroom, you learn to enjoy the garden! If you are never put in classroom, you will take garden for granted. If you are never put in Maya, you take God for granted. Just as fire teaches you the greatness of coolness, Maya teaches you greatness of God. Because maya teaches you so strongly, you cannot take God for granted. Maya teaches you so strongly, that once you come out of Maya, you will never come out of God!


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