Our Body Begs Attention

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA on Our body begs for attention WE SHOULD understand one secret: attention is energy. That is why we feel so good when somebody attends to us. When we are attended to; when somebody takes time to attend to us; when somebody serves, we feel so good. We even feel elated. We can see that politicians seem to be always, continuously energetic. Do you know why? Everywhere they are attended to. Thousands and thousands of people listen to their speech. We can see that if the crowd is more, the volume of their voice will go up. It goes up because the attention creates energy. If we are attended to well, we feel energetic. We feel alive. Attention is energy. When we don’t live inside our body, when we don’t attend to our body, we will feel our body has shrunk. Our body really contracts, it shrinks. It just begs you, ‘please give me your attention.’ This begging of our body is called pain. Pain is nothing but the begging of our own body asking for our attention; asking for our presence. Our body wants us to attend to it. Why does our body do that? We continuously live outside our body. Our body is here; but we are somewhere else. Our body is in the house; but in our mind, we are already in the office. When we are in the office our body is in the house. If we continuously live outside the body, our body will go without any attention. I tell people that when they are in the beachside resort thinking about what they should be doing at work, they call it vacation. When they are at work fantasizing about a cruise, they call it work. Both cause suffering. This suffering is the way our body creates attention to itself. This pain of suffering is the way our body calls for attention when we don’t attend to it properly. We need to understand one thing: pain is nothing but the unawareness. If we don’t live now, here, our body will not be attended to. Our body will not have the attention of our being. When we give our attention, we will see that the suffering simply disappears. When we do not live the real life, we will be only living with the reasons. Our mind will be one way; our body will be in another way. And if we don’t live truthfully, we create a new energy field around us called pain body. Understand that if we continuously live in the past or live in the future, we are not present inside our system. When we are not present, the energy flow inside our system never happens totally and properly. Be in the present, be pain free and blissful. This is enlightened state.