Stunning Medical Results on Participants' Health from Inner Awakening - April 2011

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The recent April Inner Awakening focused on delving into the deeper layers of physical and psychological healing. Beginning with establishing positive patterns for living a life of total health it progressed to developing techniques for redesigning life situations to coincide with your true goals. Every aspect of this program was designed to promote and nurture the development complete health and wellness, coupled with the actual experience of an extraordinary conscious breakthrough. The Master Key Paramahamsa Nithyananda awakens the unknown hidden potential energy that creates a cleansing and energizing effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Inspired by the ancient Vedic Science of Enlightenment, Nithyanandas innovative, irreversible, and powerfully transformational processes are specifically formulated to meet the needs of modern man. The Process In the beginning of the program, the participants completed an online medical survey that assessed pre-existing medical conditions and/or symptoms. At the end of the program the participants were re-administered another survey which calculated the amount of change from the previously reported conditions. The Results 100% of the Inner Awakening participants had significant recoveries from the following diseases: • Depression • Insomnia • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Panic Attacks • Low Energy • Eating Disorder • Anger and Frustration • Insecurity • Irrational fear Stunning medical results of the 2011 April, Inner Awakening participants Other results showed: • 86% of participants recovered from Heart palpitations • 83% from rheumatoid arthritis • 80% from lack of mental focus • 79% had significant recovery from chronic pain • 77% had significant recovery from mood swings • 75% from asthma The next Inner Awakening program will be conducted from November 21 to December 11, 2011 For upcoming program dates and information regarding Inner Awakening, please visit our website at