Shock-proof your nervous system

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All depression is just a weak nervous system. You imagine and create suffering. After imagining and creating it, you say - it will anyway happen one day, so let me suffer now itself! Work on developing a strong nervous system which can handle the signals of suffering and joy. Unfortunately, a small signal of joy or pain is enough to imbalance you. Just like a proper diet is compulsory, yoga which makes the nervous system capable of handling high frequency of pain or pleasure should be made compulsory.

Actually, if a child sleeps near the father or mother, the nervous signal becomes very strong, because whatever signal goes through your nervous system in the dream will not jolt your system if you are hugging your father or mother during sleep. Then the dream signals cannot to shake your nervous system. The dream is like a wild tsunami current, and that should not jolt your nervous system and weaken it. A child should be in the Gurukul, where you don’t have nightmares, or in the physical nearness of the father or mother. If you are not having either the mother’s presence or spiritual practice, even a small signal will jolt you. After that, even a small signal or small thought is enough to put you in depression. So work on having the strong nervous system, which will take you beyond the dualities of pain and pleasure, which will bring stability in you. 


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