Stress is a myth

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Stress is a disease based on belief.  Any stress is healthy when you accept stress. Stress is unhealthy only when you have the concept that you may burst at some time. No! No amount of stress is going to make you burst. Stress is not like steam. You imagine that if there is any more steam, boiler will burst! But understand, every night when you sleep, boiler is emptied again. How much you can build in one day? Nothing! You are not that intelligent! It is wrong ideas about stress that need to be busted. The theory of accumulated stress is just invented by some pharmacist companies and mental healthcare people. It is just like how cosmetic industry created the concept of beauty, and go on maintaining it continuously by the idiotic beauty contests!

What is beauty? It is the feeling you carry when somebody appreciates you. Same way, when you make somebody else feel that, it is beauty for that person. The concept of beauty is nothing but give and take. There is no such thing as scale. But the cosmetic industry creates the concept of beauty and keeps it alive continuously, and keeps alive the disease, the idea that you are ugly. Same way, the medical industry keeps alive the idea that you are stressed. So the idea of stress itself is wrong. When you understand this, the pain of stress will really become ‘sweet pain’. And after some time, the pain also disappears and only the sweet remains.


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