When you are aware, you need no script!

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA - When you are aware, you need no script! LET us say your friend left a message for you. He wants you to call him back immediately. Won’t the suspense kill you? Slow down. Watch your mind. Before you pick up the phone to return the call, how many thoughts come into your mind? How many fears does it rise? How many expectations does your mind build up? If you watch your mind with awareness, you will notice a rush of thoughts, events, and imaginations in your mind. Do you want to know why this happens? The truth is, no matter what the situation is, you create your own script. Your mind projects only what you want to hear or see. You want to be projected only how your mind wants to be projected. You dare not present yourself as you really are. The rush of thoughts, the reactions are all creating a script written by your mind. The mind continuously creates scripts, and when you are there in the play, you don’t remember the script. Sometimes your mind changes the script instantly. Even before going to the friend’s house, you have a complete mental rehearsal about what should happen. Your mind prepares you for what you should speak and if she asks something, how you should reply. You decide how to evade questions, or answer them cleverly or smartly. This is your friend your mind is planning about. If you are scared about speaking to your friend, then imagine how much your mind will spin when you have to talk to your boss, manager, or colleagues. The truth is that you are afraid to face your friend. You fear to express truth because it keeps you out in the open. You are afraid that every time you express truth, you are expressing yourself. By speaking the truth you are exposing your true nature, your core, your being, and your true self. When you speak lies, you have a big problem in your hands. Because everything has to be carefully woven into the web of lies and a single truth can disrupt all your lies. You need to remember the whole thing that you have said so far or plan to utter. So if you live with the truth there will be no need for any more activity of the mind. There will be no need for any more hide and seek games. You will be relaxed. You can be total. You don’t need a script anymore.