Where have you parked your identity?

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Please understand, what you do whole day using your individual identity does not matter, but where you park your individual identity when you are not doing anything really matters! It is like, where all you drive your car, does not matter much. But where you park your car matters much. What you are doing whole day using your inner space does not matter much. But where you park your inner space really matters. That is what is essence of spiritual life! You may be whole day doing some pooja or cutting vegetable or anything. Nothing matters. Your actions no way affect your being, your transformation.

Whole day, when you are not doing anything, what type of thinking goes on in you - that is the real transforming factor. Is your parking spot is all about wealth? Are you constantly brooding over only wealth? Then all your pooja, japa, even your spiritual practices, are aimed only at wealth. Understand, people who are filthy rich and people who are in utter poverty cannot achieve enlightenment. I have seen the people in both extremes. A person who is in utter poverty also cannot achieve enlightenment, because he cannot move beyond his manipuraka - basic needs like food, shelter, clothes. He cannot function towards enlightenment. But if your inner space is parked at enlightenment, even if you are working on making money the whole day, not only it does not touch you, but even your wealth will support you for having and radiating enlightenment.


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