Work from your higher identity

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

You can never ever become high achiever if you are not built on a foundation of a higher ethics. If the ethical foundations are not strong, even a small shake will send a tremor in you. Every individual should understand his position, not only related to the company and team, but in a broader context related to the society and the universe in which he is living. Please understand, unless you are clearly settled about yourself within the broader contexts, you will be constantly shattered by even a small friction by your team. When your identity becomes clear with this broader contexts, the identity which you carry with your team will look very small, simple, easy. When you infuse the higher identity in your body it is health; in your mind, it is joy; in your consciousness, it is enlightenment.

Always fight the lower level problems with the higher identity. Remember the higher truths about you. When you remember your universal responsibility and social responsibility, completing your office responsibility becomes nothing. Out of freedom you will play this game. Only when you believe in your higher identity, when you understand your higher identity, you will be able to successfully make everybody understand their higher identity. When you understand your business with the cosmos, and cosmos’s business with you, you relax from the fears which are constantly attacking you. Even if the whole world is in crisis, you are not in crisis. Because it will dissolve into you and come out as you.


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