You can heal yourself

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Sunday, Jan 22, 2012


Your Life has the capacity to heal you anytime, anywhere. Please understand, even on the deathbed, your Life-energy is capable of healing the body within a second! That is Life. Even if you are having a tumor, or BP, diabetes, depression, your Life-energy can produce the necessary chemical and infuse into that part, much more precisely than any allopathy medicine. I was working on each part of the body, and I saw - when the kundalini energy, the life energy, awakens in you and hits at spleen or liver or brain, immediately the necessary chemicals are produced and body can be completely healed.

But unfortunately, because of your pattern of extroversion, the recovery does not happen immediately. What is extroversion? The pattern of engaging yourself constantly with external things. Life is not experienced by you because greed and fear constantly engage you externally. It is crime. Please understand, all your patterns are like a stones in the river. When the water is overflowing, the rock will not be seen. Same way, if your energy is overflowing, you will never be hit by the patterns. When the water comes down, the stone is dangerous. When the energy comes down, the pattern is dangerous.

Expansion has nothing to do with external solutions. Expansion happens only when you try to find solution with internal Life-energy. Spend at least one hour a day just sitting with you, engaging yourself with life as it is happening. When Life becomes source of your health, joy, inspiration - expansion happens just like that.


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