Become the Source of Love
Real love is something so deep and energizing that you will not know it unless you experience it.
Children are people too
Most parents and child caregivers are under the impression that they have to do all the thinking for the children. They just want their kids to be cute voice recorders replaying the thoughts of the parents. Did you know that a child has immense capability to think and decide across all domains of...
Karma and Relationships
Have you ever wondered ‘Why me?’ when thing start to go wrong in your life for no apparent reason? When you understand the concept of karma, you will see that whatsoever is happening to you is really of your own doing.
Lust to love
Lust! A word loaded with all the wrong meanings! What is lust, really? And how is it different from love? Put simply, lust is an energy that demands. Love is an energy that gives. That’s all.
Celebrate your relationships
Have you taken an honest look at your relationships? In every relationship, we are constantly trying to sculpt the other person in the way we have imagined them to be. Even without being aware of it, we continuously try to control and change and possess the other.
You are unique
What are the words you use to compare yourself to others? Beautiful, poor, clever, unlucky, young, weak and so on.
Desire in Relationships
What is the meaning of desire in our relationships? Basically, all of the suffering we experience in life is because of what we want to see rather than what is. Whenever the world shows something different than what we want, we experience the discrepancy as suffering.