Make the right decisions every moment
What is right decision-making? Simply, seeing the past as past, future as future, and present as present is right decision-making. Wrong decision making is infusing past into future and future into past.
Be sincere, not serious!
What is seriousness? Seriousness is nothing but paying undue importance to something, at the cost of everything else. It stems from the inability to see that all of life is just a drama that is unfolding every minute. Seriousness is the result of over expectation from life.
Meditation makes you smarter!
There have been many studies to discern the effect of meditation on the speed and correctness of perception and response...
Be Total!
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE When was the last time you sang with your eyes? Danced with your smile?...
Are leaders born or made?
The eternal question: are leaders born or made? The truth is, both. Although we are always being urged to "become" leaders, the fact is that you cannot do anything to become a leader. What you can do, is create a space where the qualities of true leadership can blossom naturally.
How to handle negative emotions
We are always afraid of our emotions, especially our negative emotions. We never give full play to our emotions. Suppressing an emotion cannot free you of it. Understand, whatever you suppress will be waiting just below the surface of your consciousness, ready to jump on you at the right moment!
Five Attitudes for Excellence
Contrary to what we imagine, the simple attitudes we were taught as children are also some of the deepest truths of spiritual living. Patanjali Yoga Sutras, that most profound treatise on spiritual discipline, outlines five simple attitudes that can help us gather our scattered energies and build...
Instinct, intellect, intelligence, intuition
We all use a mix of instinct, intellect, intelligence and intuition to handle our external and internal environment...
The Power of Simple Changes
You don’t know the power of simple changes that you can make in your life. Somehow we don’t respect simple changes, because the ego likes challenges, and simple changes are not ego-fulfilling. When we make a change in our life, we want to see results, instantly, certainly and larger than life...
Life is far beyond reason and logic. All the laws, rules and regulations are based on partial understanding of life. But life is beyond all our understanding and beyond our logic. People ask me, ‘Why is this life created at all?’