Meditation increases brain power
Science is just now getting glimpses of the tremendous power of meditation to completely change the entire body-mind structure itself. The benefits of meditation are countless and across all planes - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Meditation can simply change the very quality of life.
Why so many techniques?
Q. ‘In the East, why do you have so many deities, so many methods of worship, so many meditation techniques?’...
Look again!
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE We are so afraid of being sensitive because when we become sensitive, life opens out tremendous avenues which we don’t know how to handle. We remain insensitive and live a dead life because of this. We remain in a dead and secure circuit. When sensitivity flowers, every...
Which is the best meditation path?
Q. Different people emphasize different paths of meditation like yoga, tantra, bhakti (devotion) etc. Which path is best?...
Swimming in space
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Our perception of the objective world is clearly distorted by our conditioning. When we look around us, what we see is a large number of diverse objects, with some space between each. Naturally, all our attention is on the objects, not on the space.
Renounce within
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE This technique is based on a Zen Buddhist spiritual practice...
Intense looking
Just looking intensely at something can simply throw you back into yourself.
3 ways to enjoy meditation
In the beginning, keep aside at least half an hour for meditation everyday. Even if you plan on practicing anytime-anywhere meditations, always include a half-hour of sit-down meditation. This is the way to cultivate discipline in your meditation.
Meditate on change
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Change is the greatest teacher. It teaches you in no uncertain terms that Existence is fluid and changing every minute. If this is understood, then all our emotions, all our fears, become irrelevant. When you understand change, you grow into a detachment that is beautiful...