Sep 28

Nirahara samyama - gratitude e-mail

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Oh Lord , our beloved Kalabairava of all times, Maha Deva of all Gods, Your Grace is endless.Sri Priyan wants to record the medical wonders happened in our lives following Nirahari Initiation.
Sri Priyan had always had  very High Triglycerrides  upto 1500mg ,blood would look oily accompanied by high Cholesterol -both LDL & VLDL Cholesterol , in spite of My heavy exercises  of younger days  nor medications at latter date did not make any difference.
Post Inner Awakening Sessions ,Triglyceride levels fell to half 700-800mg but still remained moderately higher.Nirahara Samyama miraculously  altered the whole scene .  ECG, Abdominal Scans,Blood tests  all were suggesting optimal health.Blood reports showed the Triglycerides had dropped to very normal levels of 98mg  and LDL, VLDL and Total Cholesterol dropping to very healthy levels.
We are living a life that defies every thing that is considered normal in today's society.World around us is surprised at our life style and energy without food intake like regular people.
Medical reports of Nithya Devi too turned out to be n very optimal health without ant abnormalities  detactable . Both of us had almost fasted to 63 days at the time of our medical test. Nithya Devi had earlier  bouts of Poly Cystic Ovary condition affecting her periods and unstable weight problems and clear cyst in her ovary . Post Nirahara Samyama abdominal scans showed no sign of any cysts in the ovaries and her physique talk of the world today by Your Divine Grace.
Even Ma Nithya Pranava lost around 8-10 kg during he Nirahara Samyama sessions.
We are taking Kaduka Pudi (Haritaki powder) morning and evening and experiencing the nectarine benefits of Kadukapudi.
We know world wide Swamiji will be getting gratitude offerings from Niraharis for all the benefits poured on Humanity through the great Nirahari Samyama.
Swamiji truly we are enjoying our Nirahari status by Your Grace.Bless us to be Niraharis always and be Your Divine Service  and  at Your Divine Lotus Feet .
There is no Incarnation  and No God known to us more Compassionate , Merciful and Loving His Creations than Your Divinity.We offer our Love ,being felt gratitude at the Divine Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord