Conspirators Lenin & Arathi Rao Commit Yet Another Crime, Make Parody of Justice

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In yet another brazen incident of injustice yesterday 4th October, the conspirators Arathi Rao and Lenin Karuppan with their gang of hooligan media registered an outright false complaint against one of the devotees of His Holiness Bhagavan Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Arathi Rao and Lenin Karuppan were the accused who had been issued non-bailable warrant by the Ramanagara Court in a case filed by Ma Ranjitha in a serious case of sexual assault, criminal intimidation, extortion among other offences.

Arathi Rao and Lenin Karuppan had come to the Court due to this arrest warrant. However, Arathi Rao and Lenin used the Court space itself to commit yet another crime. They alleged that another person who was in the Court and who happened to be a devotee of His Holiness Bhagavan Paramahamsa Nithyananda was taking a secret video of Arathi Rao and Lenin. Ironically, it is Lenin and Arathi Rao who are facing prosecution in Chennai for fabricating a video against His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Ranjitha.

The crime did not stop at the blatantly false allegation. It went on to inciting the paid hooligan media they had brought with them and assaulting the devotee. Arathi Rao and Lenin openly threatened the devotee. Arathi Rao shouted in the very Court premises, “Just like I did to your Swamiji, I will destroy you. We have all the media in our control. You see I will put a rape case against you and put you in jail forever. I will finish you off.” Lenin and Arathi Rao went on to attack the devotee with shockingly offensive words.

They instigated and threatened the police with the hooligan media, grabbed the devotee’s phone, started gleefully recording the attack on the devotee, surrounded him with over 50 hooligans who assaulted him, and instead whisked him away to the police station. At the police station was an even more shocking slew of allegations and openly intimidating the police itself. The police in a parody of justice arrested the devotee who was the victim of the crimes of Arathi Rao and Lenin, openly confessing that they were under pressure from the media!

Not only did the devotee not commit any act of video recording as alleged by Arathi Rao and Lenin, but by law even if an act of recording outside the Court hall itself is not a crime. The police charged the devotee with a baseless charge of criminal intimidation which was not even committed. But as per Supreme Court the charge itself even if true is not a crime on which the police can arrest the person. But, in the case of the devotee, the police not only arrested the devotee, they forced him to sign the arrest memo claiming they were only protecting him and just getting his consent to get him his phone that was grabbed by the hooligans. They then handcuffed him and paraded him before the media who gleefully took his pictures and videos and flashed in the media as ‘breaking news’.
This is yet another shocking expose of the media mafia in connivance with the criminal conspirators committing brazen crimes and making a parody of justice.