HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda's 40th Avatardinotsava Celebrations

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Bengaluru, 23 Dec 2016
Bengaluru Adheenam witnessed today the grand celebrations of the 40th Avatadinotsava (day of incarnation) of HH Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami. Paramahamsa Nithyananda was born on this day of the Chitra Nakshatra in the divine temple town of Thiruvannamalai in the year 1978. Having been tutored from the young age of 3 by great yogis such as Yoganandapuri and Yogi Ramsuratkumar and vedantis such as Vibhudananthapuri, Annamalai Swamigal and Arunagiri Yogeshwara - the Lord Sadashiva himself, Rajashekar (which was Swamiji's birth name), had the experience of cosmic oneness at the tender age of 12. He visually saw the entire creation - all matter and living beings - as himself in all 360 degrees around him. From that point onward, he went on a parivrajaka yatra by walk around the length and breadth of the country collecting technologies and solutions from all aspects of the lost Vedic civilization and on January 1st of the year 2000 he had another explosive realization where he became aware of his incarnation-hood and the mission he had assumed the human body for.  
After 9 months of intense silence which was broken on Deepavali day with the occurrence of the divine blessing "Be Blissful", Swamiji started his mission to raise the consciousness of the planet earth by creating The Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, his global movement to bring the science of yoga and meditation and the truths of the Vedas and the Agamas to the people of the world. Since that simple beginning in a small village near Erode in South India, his organization has grown rapidly and now has a presence in more than 40 countries and with more than 10 million followers worldwide.
Bengaluru Adheenam was thronged today by these devotees from around the world. The day began with worship at the Nithyanandeshwar temple and was followed by 40 separate powerful Homas performed by 120 priests who arrived at Bidadi from various places in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.  His 40th Avatardinotsava message, Swamiji said was that "Sanatana Hindu Dharma is real".  Swamiji committed to mankind that he would share with everyone whatever transformation Sadashiva had shared with him. Using all the methodologies that Sadashiva has offered in the Agamas (the complete works of Sadashiva) - Yoga as per his instruction, rituals as per his instruction to entangle with him, pujas, homas, meditation techniques, mandala processes and last but not least the spiritual alchemy products (Jnana rasavada mandalas) - Swamiji said, he had successfully created the science needed to create a new species - new beings experiencing, expressing, radiating manifesting the space, state, powers of Sadashiva.  "I also commit with you, with all my integrity, whatever stands the acid wash (the scrutiny) of Sashtra pramanas (the Vedas and the Agamas) and Apta pramanas (the experiences of the great Rishis and beings such as  Patanjali, Sri Krishna, Sri Rama) only that (and with all the clear references) I will share with you all and I will make that as your Sakshi pramana (experience)."  He concluded his satsang saying that there were no cultural frills in Hinduism and if at all there is a deviation, it was something forced upon us by non practitioners.  "I am declaring my life's mission is to make people understand that Agamas, lifestyle, is not a cultural frill. Every small thing, even singing and dancing, are powerful methods for Shaktinipada - spiritual entanglement" he said.
Swamiji also released a number of books today including the first volume of the groundbreaking book "Nithyananda Yoga - The Original Yoga from the source" which pictorially explains more than 300 asanas and their benefits along with the references the original source texts where Sadashiva describes them. Swamiji announced that in the spirit of making knowledge free for everyone, this book would be available, along with 250+ other books written by Swamiji, as a free download for everyone on the site nithyananda.org 
The avatar day celebrations also marked the end of the 21 day Sadashivoham program which was attended by more than 1000 participants from 60 countries. During this program, the participants directly experienced and demonstrated the various Shaktis of Sadashiva such as reading blindfolded, remote viewing, seeing the recent past and future through akashik (cosmic) records, materializing and teleporting of objects and so on. Swamiji said that after this program the participants were no longer simple human beings but an altogether different species. 
Another significant session of the day's program was a think tank headed by renowned author and thinker Sri Rajiv Malhotra on the future of Hinduism. The event was attended by many famous Hindu activists and intellectuals such as academic and writer Smt. Madhu Kishwar, industrialist and Hindu thinker Sri Mohandas Pai, classical dancer Smt. Sonal Mansingh and others.  The group discussed the need for the Hindu grand narrative. Sri Mohandas Pai noted that among the four largest surviving civilizations - the western, the Indian, the Islamic and the Chinese, it is the Indian civilization that was most unsure of itself. But now, he said, we are coming together and saying we want to define our own narrative. Smt Madhu Kishwar noted that people who don't have a sense of their past cannot have a sense of their future and that poeple who have been taught to despise their past cannot build constructive futures. Sri Rajiv Malhotraji shared how the western academicians like Sheldon Pollock and Wendy Doninger and her 'children' and western NGOs along with westernized leftist Indians have hijacked the dialogue about India and Indian history and are interpreting it in their own bias and using it to brand India in a negative way. But the worst damage, he noted, was done by Hindus who were selling Hinduism out by stealing from it and trying to secularizing it. The word secular, Smt Sonal Mansingh said, is a sick word and is one she has never heard in any of the 100 countries she has visited.
The day's celebrations concluded with a grand chariot procession (rathothsava) around the adheenam with joyful singing and dancing followed by individual darshan and blessings by Swamiji to each of the devotees present