The Hon'ble City Civil Court blocks release, promotion and exhibition of supposed Telugu film, 'Swami Sathyananda'

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The Hon’ble City Civil Court in Karanataka, presided by Additional Civil And Sessions Judge, Sri Aswath Narayana has this afternoon ordered that the so called Telugu film, ‘Swami Sathyananda’ as well as every other version of the Kannada film, ‘Sathyananda’ shall not be promoted, released or exhibited in any manner. The matter has been adjourned to 2-Dec-2011. The Order this afternoon was passed on three Interlocutory Applications that were filed by Nithyananda’s counsel. No representation on behalf of Madan Patel or his team. The following order was passed: Issue Temporary Injunction restraining the defendants, the proposed defendants 3 to 5 or anybody claiming through them from releasing or exhibiting or promoting Telugu film ‘Swamy Sathyananda’ or version of ‘Sathyananda’ film in any language in any manner till next date of hearing. Issue emergent notices to the proposed defendant 3 to 5 on IA–15 and IA–16 by RPAD. The plaintiffs also permitted to serve notice through hand process. Further, it was also brought to the notice of the Court, the fact that the defendants had put up posters of the so called Telugu film, ‘Swami Sathyananda’ overnight at many places in Bangalore.