Nithyananda Ranjitha Video Morphed - Mr. Saxena, ex COO of Sun TV Confesses

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Dinamalar daily report on "What had happened in the Nithyananda Ranjitha CD Matter"


Nithyananda Ranjitha Video morphed - Saxena confession - ex COO of SUN TV



 Here is the translation of the report


Sun Group CEO Kalanithi Maran involved in Rs28 crore scam

Distributor Iyyappan files complaint to police

Picture: (of Iyaapn and saxena) Saxena who came along with Iyyappan to the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office to give a complaint on Sun TV Kalanithi

Chennai Dec 18: Iyyappan, an ex-employee of Sun TV has filed a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner on Sun Group CEO Kalanithi Maran and Sun Managers Ramesh, Sembiyan, Kannan for issuing murder threats to him when he asked back for the 28crore of rupees that was due to him. They have not given him back the money.


Iyyappan, who was working in the Sun group as a distributor filed a complaint yesterday with the Police Commissioner. The details are as follows:

For the past 20 years I have been a distributor and cinema producer. For the past 5 years I have distributor rights to the pictures made by Sun Pictures organization, and am doing the work given to other distributors.


For that, the directors gave their word to pay a 2% commission by word of mouth.


On the basis of this I have obtained rights for 17 pictures and given to others. By doing this I have given 400 crores of rupees into Sun Pictures. But they have not given me the 2% commission that is due to me.


After getting Distributor rights from Sun Pictures and releasing the pictures, pictures like ‘Outlander, Sura, Theeratha Vilayaatu Pillai, Thillalangadi, Ninaithaalae Inikkum, Yekeayum Kaadhal, Masilaamani, Maapillai, Endriran’ did not run well and it turned out to be a loss.


The Sun pictures organization gave a promise to return the loss amount to 17 distributors through me.


But they are not giving this loss amount of 24 crores and are refusing to give it.


The distributors are threatening me asking for the money.


For the cheating done by Sun Pictures I have sold my house for 4.36 crores and given the film distributors this money.


Moreover for the pictures made by Sun Pictures I have spent 4.26 crore rupees for, ‘print, cube poster and vinyl’.


Including this cost totally the Sun pictures organization owes me 28.26 crores of rupees. If I ask for the money they are issuing death threats.


Protection needed

The main reason behind this is Sun Group CEO Kalanithi and managers Ramesh, Sembiyan and Kannan.


Action must be taken on them and they need to give back the money they owe me. Protection needs to be given to me and my family members.


This is what Iyyappan has stated in his complaint.


This complaint petition has gone to the Central crime branch Police for investigation.


‘I will tear the face of Sun TV Kalanithi’ Saxena gives sensational interview

Chennai Dec 18-The ex executive officer of Sun Pictures has stated that he will tear the face of SunV Kalanithi  in a few days time and bring out the truth to the light.


Ex director Saxena of Sun Pictures who was with Iyyappan who was a n employee of Sun Group while he was at the Chennai police commissioners office gives the following interview:


I was working as first executive officer in Sun TV Network just below Kalanithi Maran. Since Kalanithi never used to show his face in public functions, I was a big strength in the cinema world.


I thought he was a friend

For Kalanithi, I have worked without seeing day or night. Both of us studied together. Thinking of him as a friend we worked with hunger and sometimes went without food and have brought Kalanithi to this state where he is a 50 thousand crore worth man.


But for a matter that could be settled in 10 minutes he blew it out of proportion and he pushed me into jail for 79 days and watched me like a show. The managers Ramesh, Sembiyan and Kannan abetted him in this act.


I know all the atrocities that these people do. I have proof for all this. Even when I gave my life and worked for them they accused me of swindling crores and crores of money. l know who the swindlers are.


Ready to debate in the midst of police and press as to who did wrong? How long can the truth be hidden? For how many days will the threats, given because they have political backing, money backing and manpower backing, run?


Is this the gratitude you show in return for ‘Endiran’ picture that you made for 200 crore and I sold it for you for 400 crore? Kalanithi would say in the Sun TV network that even if a dust moves I would know of it.


In his name the swindling that Ramesh, Sembiyan and Kannan are doing has missed his notice is it? I know all the matters that happened in Sun organization. I am going to bring all of that to light.


They sent people to finish us off saying , ‘In three days’ time we will finish them off’. I am willing to accept any punishment for any wrong that I have done. What is the punishment for the wrongs you did?


Picture in camera

Iyyappn gave the money through me only. Should we not put the picture that you shot in the camera when you gave that money to see how many 100 and 1000 rupee notes were there?


Why did you enjoy looking on in getting me caught in the Nithyananda-Ranjitha CD matter? You will do the wrongs and I will experience the punishment is it? You are saying that you will burn me with my family. I will tear Kalanithi’s face.


He thus spoke emotionally


What happened in Nithyananda-Ranjitha CD matter

Interview given by Saxena:

When I had been to Dubai for the holidays, there was a CD that had come addressed to the manager. My assistant Jyotheeswaran has put the CD and seen it. He did not know who the people in the CD were. He has shown that CD to the Manager Kannan.



He knew that the person in the CD was Ranjitha. But he did not know who the man was. Kannan spoke to me on cell phone and communicated to me that a CD like this has come. I did not pay attention to it.


That CD has reached Sun TV News Editor Raja. He has shown it to Kalanithi and told him that the people involved are Nithyananda and Ranjitha  and said that , ‘We will tear them apart’ by putting in on the TV.


Kalanithi had told him to release it after making sure it was genuine. Raja showed the CD to Srinivasan, who had done the graphics for the film ‘Yenthiran’ and asked him to give it in writing that the CD was genuine. Srinivasan has refused to give it.

In my life I have not even seen Nithyananda. But they correlated this matter with me and got me caught.

I know how Sun TV Raja got crores and crores of rupees worth assets.


In making money Raja’s style itself is very unique. Sewage water is flowing; so disease is spreading, he will milk the factory owners of lakhs of rupees. In relation to Sun TV there are many matters. I will inform of everything continuously.

This is what Saxena said.


Lawyers give petition favouring Kalanithi

Yesterday more than 30 lawyers met the Police commissioner and gave a petition to him in the evening.

Iyyappan has given a false complaint that he worked in Sun Pictures and earned Rs. 400 crore for Sun Pictures organization by selling the pictures they made to the distributors.


There is no direct connection between Sun Pictures and Iyyappan. All the pictures made by Sun Pictures were given directly to the distributors and the related amount of money for this was also given to the distributors directly.


Saxena, who was removed from office of Sun TV for misappropriating funds pressed the Sun Group to buy satellite rights for the four films produced by him.

He requested this though SMS also. We have evidence regarding this also. He has said that, ‘If the satellite rights for my films are bought then I will not complain to the police’


In this state he has used Iyyappan as an instrument to threaten the Sun Group. Hence all the complaints given by Iyyappan are false.


This is what is said.

In the midst of this regarding the complaint and the evidences supporting it the Chennai Central Crime Branch Police has started its investigation with Iyyappan and Saxena.




Jaya Plus Channel reported a video interview with Mr. Saxena the ex COO of SUN TV


Here is the transcript of the video


Saxena and others have filed a complaint that Sun TV founder Kala Nidhi Maran is making death threats to the commissioner of police.


SUN TV and SUN Picture’s managing director Kalanidhi Maran’s partner and Chief Executive Officer Hansraj Saxena  has been imprisoned on the cheating charges filed by film distributors and producers. After coming on bail they have filed a complaint with the commissioner of police, Chennai. They have said Kala Nidhi Maran is issuing death threats to them and are continuously threatening them through gonads. Speaking to the press Saxena said when he was in the prison Kalanidhi Marans official executives threatened his wife and extorted 12 crore rupees. In the Nithyananda CD matter SUN TV involved itself in extorting money and SUN TV is continuing to involve itself in going behind industrialists to extorte money threatening them.


Saxena: came and took away 12 crore rupees threatening me. I have video evidence. I have audio evidence. They are threatening me with death. They are saying they will bring men from Chittore and sack me. They are threatening that in 3 days they will finish me off. Nithyananda CD matter is the threat drama staged by that news editor and the men in the department. In that news department they will telecast anything for money and stop telecasting anything for money. Sir, it is that news editor Raja and his team are those who are doing this. In their team they keep a network of men and send them to cover factories all over Tamil Nadu and shoot and say drainage is coming out the factory, people are in fear and telecast shots of couple of aged ladies coughing and behind that they will send men to negotiate and get money from the factory owners.  

Ayyappan has given complaint of cheating money; I have come to say his complaint is true. My complaint is getting ready it will be a complaint that will show the true faces of many in Tamil Nadu.

Anchor: Like this the friend of Saxena, Ayyappan has filed cheating charges against Kalanidhi Maran. Sun pictures has cheated him 34 crore rupees due to him and when asked the money back Kalanidhi Maran, R M R Ramesh and Sembian Kannan are threatening him and his family.

Ayyappan: Sun TV has a due of 400 crore to me and I have proof for it but if anything happens to my life or property or to my family Kalanidhi Maran, R M R Ramesh and Sembian Kannan have to answer  some day.

Anchor: the complaint filed against Kalanidhi Maran has created a situation


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