Nithyananda Video Morphed by False Rape Victim: Supreme Court Admits New Expert Evidence

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7 December 2017
In a huge legal and moral victory for Swami Nithyananda, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India upheld the order of the Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka and ordered for all the documents and evidence in favor of Swami Nithyananda proving that the alleged scandal video showing Swami Nithyananda with an actress was fake, and exposing the false rape victim and her false charges, all of which had been suppressed from the Court. The Hon'ble Supreme Court categorically said that any relevant document or evidence cannot be suppressed as it forms an integral part of the case. 
The Hon'ble Apex Court came down heavily against the gross injustice against Swami Nithyananda where undisputed evidence against the false rape victim and proving the innocence of Swami Nithyananda was suppressed by the Karnataka CID. 
The Hon'ble Supreme Court ordered for considering all these undisputed evidences and documents which even form part of various Court records.  
This leading judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court is a resounding statement of the judiciary upholding the absolute need for an unbiased investigation unaffected by media with vested interests trying to take the law into their hands through media trial and declaring an innocent as guilty until proven innocent.
Delivering the judgment in a packed Court hall, the Hon'ble Court said that it arrived at this logical conclusion noting that a number of significant documents favoring Swami Nithyananda had been wantonly suppressed by the investigating authorities and that proceeding with the trial without these critical evidences would be unjust.
As a part of a major conspiracy against Swami Nithyananda, Lenin Karuppan abetted by his accomplices had fabricated a sensational video showing Swami Nithyananda with an actress and in the wake of the media frenzy thus generated had filed the false case against Swami Nithyananda in 2010.
This ruling marks a series of judgments in favour of Swami Nithyananda by various Courts of India. The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka had earlier quashed the cases filed against Swami Nithyananda in 2012 by some vested elements. A few months ago, the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka further ordered the investigating authorities to submit all the evidences found favoring Swami Nithyananda in their investigations. A few weeks back, the Hon'ble Court of the Principal Senior Civil Judge & CJM at Mysuru had given a strong judgment against the other false victim Vinay Bharadwaj who had made allegations of unnatural sex against Swami Nithyananda. Vinay Bharadwaj was ordered by the Hon’ble Court to pay a huge penalty of two crores and seventy five lakh rupees with 9% interest from the date of his false case.
These evidences include the medical reports of the alleged rape victim Ms. Arathi Rao from 2004 to 2009 showing she has had 4 highly contagious and incurable STDs some of which are transmitted by mere touch, her own email admission in mid-2009 six months after her last alleged instance of rape that she never had any kind of sexual relationship with Swami Nithyananda, multiple proofs of discrepancies in the dates and locations of the alleged rape incidents, Swami Nithyananda’s medical reports showing he has never had any STDs and has a yogic body and not capable of a sexual act, the critical witness statement of Ms Ranjitha stating that the video showing her with Swami Nithyananda is a fake and morphed one.
Lenin Karuppan and Arathi Rao are currently facing prosecution for the blackmail, extortion and criminal conspiracy by them against Swami Nithyananda in the trial Court in Chennai.
Read the full order from the Supreme Court here:
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