AKASHIC READINGS – Life (Part 3) - read through Nithyananda


07 November 2012




Namah Shivaya Namah Shivaya Namah Shivaya





The first question today is from Srikant Gopi, who is saying, ‘What is the role of guru in life?’

Till you meet the guru you do not know life, after you meet the Guru, Guru is life. Guru does not have a role in a life. He is life. Guru is a being who breathes life into beings.



He also asking, ‘How do we know if the guru is authentic or not?’

Only by the changes happening in your innermost being and the way you take cognizance of world, God, Self and nature, the way cognitive shift happens in you, the way you think speak act feel, how that transforms, only based on that you can know authenticity of the Guru. If he is able to penetrate to the core of you and transform you, your very cognizance, way you think act feel walk talk, is authentic. Only based on the effect on you, the effect he is able to create in you, you can verify the authenticity of his being.




He is also asking, ‘if not, how do we disconnect and be free from guru if he is not authentic?’

If guru is not authentic, automatically your heart is intelligent enough to free yourself from guru. Always listen to your heart, not to your head, not your logic but to your feeling.



His next question is, When is one to detach from the Guru and move towards mukti?’

Guru is mukti. You don’t need to detach from him to move towards mukti. He himself gives you the advaita experience and the mukti, moksha.



Lastly he is asking, ‘Which is the best way to let go of guru and move towards mukti?’

There is no need for you to let go the guru. Moving towards the Guru itself is moving towards mukti.



The next question is from Sri Nithya Kailashananda from the Atlanta Center, who is saying, ‘Dear Kalabhairava, scriptures talk about the 14 worlds or lokas of existence. The seven lokas above are brahmaloka, satyaloka, tapoloka, gnanaloka, maharloka, swargaloka, bhuvarloka and bhuloka; the seven talas below are atala, vitala, sutala, rasatala, talatala, mahatala, and patala. You have already mentioned about the beings of the seven lokas - humans, devatas, rishis, munis, ganas and Gods as existing in life. Do the seven lower talas also exist?’

Yes, seven lower talas do exist. They also carry the same different layers of seven bodies. Only difference is, their bodies are filled with patterns, engrams. They even forgot that they carry a body. It is like a if you tie the rope all over the body of a child the moment it takes birth, somehow keep the child only alive only by giving food but he is completely tied down, he never learnt how to move his leg, how to move his hand, how to move his body, till the end he will never know how to use his body. Same way, beings sometimes get tied so tightly in so many patterns, in so many samskaras, they will never be able to move and they won’t even know that they have something called freedom. Those kind of beings live in all the lower level seven talas.



He is also asking, ‘If they too exist, in which layer those beings live; pranic or mental or some other layer?

They live the negative way of pranic, negative way of mental, negative way of etheric layers.



The next question is from Sri Nithya Atmamaneeshananda, who is saying. ‘Lord Kalabhairava, pranams. Please remove doubts arising during the Akashic readings about life.’ His first question is, ‘What is the source of objects?’

Consciousness itself is the source of objects, matter and inanimate beings. There is no other source. Just like your life inside your body is source of the hair which is a matter, the nail which is a matter, your teeth which is a matter; by cutting the hair you don’t feel the pain, by cutting the nail you don’t feel the pain but they are from your consciousness. Your life is the source of all this. Same way matter, inanimate beings are all from the same source consciousness, but they moved out away so much from consciousness, it looks like they are completely opposite to consciousness but the source is Consciousness.



Next he is asking, ‘How do objects become manifest? They seem to be separate from life.’

As I said, because you feel they moved out of life you have this experience. Otherwise, life itself, when it associates and identifies itself with the thoughts which are very gross, those thoughts lead step by step the life to the gross objects itself. It is the thoughts of the gross objects towards which first lifes life flows; when we did - when you don’t control it, it starts flowing objects of gross plane itself.




His next question is, ‘How life gets attracted to the objects, the flow of life towards the objects which you said dissolve and when new desires come into being. What is the method by which this happens and how this method is made inactive?’

This happens as a very casual feeling. Just like a person goes for a morning walk in the open breeze but unfortunately gets murdered by enemies, your life takes a very casual walk out of its innate freedom and joy, just very relaxed way into the breeze of desires and the memories of the gross objects. Suddenly when you are unarmed and unexpected situation, you empower certain desire or feeling towards the gross object which takes over and causes heavy damage to your consciousness. The only way to make this method inactive is constant vigilant unclutching till your bio-intelligence is awakened.



The next question he is asking is ‘How life deflects from objects making it seemingly dead. What makes life deflect from objects?’

Life has all the possibilities; because all the possibilities exist you tend to take your freedom for granted, take a casual free steps without understanding the grave bondages it is going to bring; like all addictions start as a casual curiosity, casual curiosity to experiment . Whether it is alcohol or smoking or marijuana or drug, any addiction starts as a casual curious experimenting spirit. Same way all desires start just as a casual curious experimenting spirit.



The last question he is asking is, ‘What happens to objects when life deflects from them?’

When life deflects from the objects they again go back to their very state, the very source, life itself. When a hair gets destroyed it gets back to its source which is life itself. So it is only the desire which makes life look like a matter and object, and gives you a experience of object and life as separate. When the desire disappears, when this casual curious experimentation feeling disappears, even object disappears into life, because objects and matter not they are not separate from life.




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