AKASHIC READINGS – Renunciation (Part 3) - read through Nithyananda


03 November 2012





The first question today is from Rekha Patnaik from Illinois, USA, who is saying, ‘Lord Kalabhairava, renunciation seems to happen as part of experience and understanding as one advances in age. Does suffering accelerate the process significantly? Humble pranams and gratitude.’

Suffering itself does not have any importance. It is a contemplation you are forced to do while suffering accelerates the process of Renunciation. If you can do the contemplation and transformation without any external suffering it is called tapas. You do not need external suffering for the Renunciation to happen in you. Just through the contemplation and transformation without suffering Renunciation can be accelerated.



The next question is from Sundaresan from Sri Lanka, who is saying, ‘Dear Kalabhairava, the term Renunciation gives me a negative feeling due to misunderstanding. What is the sweet way for Renunciation?’

Growing up to Kalabhairava’s consciousness. Time and space is a constant expansion process. When you grow up, the old things drop by itself. Old ideas, old way of life, old way of thinking, old habits, old libidos, old cognition way, all this automatically disappears and the new cognition, new way of relating, starts happening. Constantly evolving up to the new way of relating is Renunciation.



The next question is from Ram from Salem, Tamil Nadu, who is saying, ‘Beloved Kalabhairava, pranams. How to renunciate my inability in inner and outer world happenings?’

Contemplation and transforming yourself and your actions within the limit of your capacity is the best way to start Renunciation. When you start renouncing within the way of your capacity, limit of your capacity, next-next-next level starts again and again and again. When you act based on your capacity, immediately your capacity expands.



The next question is from Sri Nithya Kailashananda, Atlanta-Ujjaini, USA, who is saying, ‘Which meditation techniques will help in Renunciation. What is – ’

Unclutching unclutching unclutching continuously unclutching is the best process, meditation process to experience Renunciation.



He is also asking, ‘What is the way for samsaris and householders?’

There is no samsari or householder in the cosmos. There is no sannyasi in the cosmos. It is just your maturity level. Anybody who is just ready to constantly transform themself is enlightened being. That’s it.



The next question is from Benazir Fathima from Chennai, India, who is saying, ‘For Renunciation to become part of bio-memory, what are the best techniques that can be followed to keep in touch with Renunciation?’

Constantly unclutching and the attitude of sharing brings tremendous Renunciation and awakens the bio-intelligence of Renunciation. When a person suffers especially with the diseases like cancer, stomach problems, if he just develops the attitude of giving, charity, daana, cancer disappears, the person gets completely healed.



The next question is from Ma Ananda Atma Sarayu from Vancouvern, who is saying, ‘Why did the cosmos provide all the outer-world beauty and pleasures if the path to Enlightenment for human beings is Renunciation of what the cosmos itself has provided?

Renunciation is of ability to continuously grow. Only a person who can grow enjoys better and better beauties provided by the cosmos. But the hangover you are carrying in your mind out of which this question has come, that mind has stuck itself with the lower levels of joy. That is why it is questioning very path of Renunciation. When you renounce again and again, you will experience the whole world much more better way. The whole cosmos will become more and more alive to you.

Tena tyaktena bhunjeetaa ma gridha kasya sviddhanam

Kuruvanneveha… jijeevishet sadadgum samaah

By renouncing again and again enjoy the whole cosmos - is the direct instruction from cosmos to every human being.



The next question is from Constance from USA, who is saying, ‘If in a couple with children, the husband or the wife realized that he or she is called to be a server and he or she decided to renounce of love-relation, sexual relation,  do they have to be separated from their children and wife or husband?’

Cosmos does not recognize the idea of family unit and same way cosmos does not recognize the idea of separation. It is just flow of life. If you are together with love carry on. When love disappears, wanted to move forward with your life alone, carry on. It is just the individual’s responsibility. There is no other standard law in the cosmos.



The next question is from Manisha Kumar, Jaipur, India, who is saying, ‘O Supremo, please tell how humans can renounce the world naturally without even knowing, and stay in satya continuously.’

Constantly unclutching and disassociating from the self-identification with body and mind; constantly unclutch from the wrong self-identification, move towards the right self; that is the best natural way of Renunciation.



She is also asking, ‘Which statement can make modern humans come back to consciousness?’

Be unclutched.



The next question is from Ma Nithya Prema Tavasi, Toronto, who is saying, ‘Pujya Swamiji, is it possible to practice Renunciation being in grihastha life?

Cosmos is very clear there is no grihastha, sannyasi, varna and ashrama does not exist in cosmic law.



The next question is from Ma Nithya Pranava, Hudson, USA, who is saying, ‘Kindful Swamiji, to any parent who lost their child, who is in great pain over the loss, what is your message for them?’

Just because a body came out of your body you do not possess it. Even your own body is not under your control. How can you expect to control the body came out of your body. Each body once becomes independent need to carry on with its routine life and flow. Only way is remembering the truth and reconciling with the reality; no consolation can help you. Only reconciliation can help you. Kalabhairava will only teach you to reconcile with reality. No consolation can help, no consolation can be of any use.



She is also asking, ‘To experience death which as you said removes all the patterns, do we have to live also the renunciated life?’

When you start living, a unique way of Renunciation expresses in each one of you. Do not follow others’ Renunciation results. Only add the attitude of Renunciation inside you. However it evolves, do in your own way. Express in your own way the Renunciation, in unique way, as you are.



She is also asking, ‘A person who is brain-dead but living a vegetative life on life-resuscitation for over 10 years, does it mean nature’s way of teaching Renunciation to the spouse or the loved ones?’

You can use the situation to learn Renunciation.



The next question is from Udayapriya from Bangalore, India, who is asking, ‘Dear Kalabhairava, how do I know that I am listening to my bio-memory?’

When you are listening to your bio-memory without any pain, without any suffering, very smoothly Renunciation flowers as a natural process.



The next question is from Pravatesh from Vadodara, who is saying, ‘Dear Swamiji, by Renunciation and constant unclutching, will one’s memory not become weak?’

By Renunciation and constant unclutching your bio-memory may become weak, but your bio-intelligence will become strong. Your bio-intelligence gets awakened by constant Renunciation and unclutching. Bio-intelligence is life.




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