Awaken Love

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Overflow with love ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE The best way to experience love is to become love! The more we give of an emotion, the more we allow it to circulate though us. When you give love, you create the space to receive love as well. But when you become love, there is no longer the idea of giving and receiving. You just flow in love, you radiate love. You love because you cannot help it! DURATION: 21 minutes INSTRUCTIONS ------------------ Step 1: ------- Sit down comfortably by yourself and close your eyes. Focus on your heart region. Exclude everything else. Focus only on the heart. Visualize your heart as an endless reservoir from where blessings can flow. Feel every heartbeat deeply. Let every beat resound throughout you. Between the heartbeats, feel the energy of love happening. In the deepest parts of your body, mind and soul, the love energy is waiting to be acknowledged. Invite the love energy of the heart to flow and fill these deepest parts of your body, mind and soul. Step 2: -------- When you are feeling completely fulfilled within, allow this love to overflow from you. Don’t try to decide to whom it will flow. It will go wherever it is needed! Don’t be afraid to love! You have enough love inside to embrace all of Existence. Allow yourself to become a river of love. Let the love flow from you and embrace everyone, everywhere. When you are completely soaked in the sweetness of this love, slowly open your eyes. Carry this expanded mood inside you wherever you go.