Edit your inner space

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, 07 March 2012

Most of your life, you are neither honest nor authentic. You just play with yourself with ifs and buts; you kill your possibilities with ifs and buts. I can say, ifs and buts are nothing but psychological hanging-ropes.

See, two fellows are sitting and talking in a chai shop. One fellow says - if I win a lottery, I will buy plenty of cows. The other guy says - I will buy 1000 acres of land. This fellow asks the first fellow - Why don’t you also buy some land first, otherwise how will you feed your cows? The second fellow says - I don’t need land, because I can graze my cows in your land. The first fellow gets furious and picks up a fight, and both of them start fighting! This is exactly your how life is running. And the worst part is, you don’t even need one more person for fighting! You sit this side and say something, then you sit other side and say the opposite. Unfortunately, human beings do not want to live in solutions. Unless there is constant unsolved problems, you don’t feel life is flowing.

I tell you, if you can just think without if and but in your inner space just for 11 days, you will experience reality. Try it. Decide to edit your inner space without the words if and but. Whatever happens, look, look, look - without ifs and buts. You will come back to reality.


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