Explode in enlightenment!

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 Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Sunday, January 15, 2012


First definition of exploding in enlightenment is – be out of all panic patterns! Panic pattern means, the pattern which is constantly restricting, refraining, limiting, binding you, and reducing your constant explosion. Please understand, your Ananda Gandha, your inner space, is atomic station, where the constant atomic explosion is happening. But panic pattern acts as a covering, the cooler which is stopping it from exploding and becoming the big bang of enlightenment. The uranium is the unclutching! In the regular atomic stations, you need a cover, because it is not good for the world. But here, the more you explode, the more good for the whole universe.

What are you afraid of? You are afraid you will perish? Then better you explode and perish! This risk is better than the other. I tell you, shut all the exit routes in you. All of you have Plan B – ‘what to do if this does not work out’. Drop that plan B. Only when you drop all plans, only when all exits are closed, you travel in the straight way – highway, highest way. Because in the highest way you need to follow lot of rules, discipline, traffic. In the exit, not much problem, gas is available, rest is available, relax, drive when you want, don’t need to drive when you don’t want. On the highway you have to keep on driving. But when you catch this highway, you are in the highest way. You drive, drive, drive - and suddenly one day you take off!