Keep your possibilities open

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, February 10, 2012 


Keeping yourself open for all the possibilities is Dharma. Keep yourself open for all possibilities, whether the wealth or health or enlightenment or fortune, all the auspicious things in the life. Sometime I have seen people losing just because they are not open, because they are postponing the decision-making they may need to encounter in the life. So you seal the possibility. Never postpone or delaying, shutting the possibilities down because you cannot encounter or face certain situations. Many times human beings put up with the flow of life the social flow, because they are afraid that if they keep themselves open, they have to immediately face, encounter the life situation. Unfortunately, by and by, you start believing that the possibility itself does not exist. Keeping the belief, the trust that possibility is there, is Dharma, flow of life. Believing possibility for further progress does not exist is defined as “Raahu” in astrology. Whenever your muscles have lost the faith it can recover from a disease, it is Raahu. Shutting down the possibility is Adharma. Raahu and Guru are completely opposite. Guru keeps even the small possibility open. Shutting down any possibility, shutting down any hope is atheism. Keep all hopes alive - even if it is false hope. Understand, all hopes lead you to hopelessness - not because they are false hopes, but to lead you to reality. Hope by its very innate intelligence leads you to reality. So keep all the hopes alive. Keep all the possibilities alive.


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