Manual-less life is leela

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life cannot be taught through manual. You cannot make a manual for life. But human mind always wants manual! You cannot give a manual for swimming. Swimming cannot be taught. You have to learn. The greatness of sports and games is, you cannot have a manual. You just have to pick up. That is why people love it. See, people become tired just going to office and working for 2-3 hours. But when they go for sports and games, they are not tired for hours. Even if you climb two flights of stairs in your office you become tired, you need a lift. But when you are climbing a hill for trekking, there is no question of tiredness!

Life itself can become a game when you live without manual, and game itself can become pressure when the playfulness is lost. Game itself can become just tiring, boring. That is what happened to cricket in India! The collective unconscious mob psychology, which is waiting for war to happen for excitement, make even cricket as a war. Leela is, making even war as a play. But people are doing completely opposite - making even play as a war.

When you live a manual-less life, everything you do is play. Manual-less life itself becomes leela, a game.


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