Pornography is hell

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pornography does not enrich you, it makes you poor. You don’t understand. Man who watches porn will always be in depression and carrying a guilt about his abilities. When porn is added to your mind and body, it leaves the natural realms and destroys the reality of your life. Life becomes hell, and you will never be satisfied with one man or one woman in your life. There is no animal other than human being which wants to indulge in sex till death. For every animal there is a season. Body reproduces and settles down. In human life there is no settling period, don’t you see? Because of the new component introduced in your life called mind.

I tell you, humanity without pornography will be violence-free. When you are infused with so much of passionate desire and you cannot live it up through your body as you see in the visuals, the whole passion gets converted into violence and gets stored in your body. Understand, it is going to take away your joy, your love, your real life. It is going to make you plastic, pseudo. Once the porn gets mixed in your system, it makes you sick and takes away the joy of the real person in your life. Your desire will always be having the guilt of impossibility and unfulfillment, even before it starts. A continuous hangover of anger and guilt of inability. Look in. You will see how this destroys your beautiful life.


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