Technique of self-remembrance

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, 18 May 2012

Self-remembrance is a very powerful process to achieve the ultimate consciousness. Constantly in you, for a moment you remember you exist, and after a moment you will forget you exist, and your mind starts wandering here and there. Please understand, the moment you remember you exist, it is praana. The moments you forget you exist, it is apaana. The praana and apaana live together. Unless you forget you exist, you won’t remember you exist! But just like mercury consumes gold, if you consciously support self-remembrance, it will slowly swallow the self-forgetting moments. It is a most subtle Vedantic truth.

Try and do this as a process. Try to constantly be in the remembrance of the higher self.  Just remember - I exist, I am feeling me, I am alive, I remember me, I am! Usually, people can manage this for maximum 12 seconds - then your mind flickers. If you can be established in self-remembrance for 21 seconds, your mind breaks and you will be enlightened! Now, you are not supposed to hate apaana! Constantly you create a guilt in you - I lose, I forget, I am not qualified. Stop struggling and suffocating with apaana. Work on praana, celebrate the moment of remembrance. Because when you feel guilty, you encourage the wrong side. Meera constantly suffers with few moments without Krishna. Aandaal constantly celebrates few moments with Krishna! So support the moments of self-remembrance. Bring life to praana, to the moments of self-remembrance.


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