Understand chaos and perfection

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


If you understand my existence, you will understand, I don’t have a separate existence other than Existence. If you understand my execution, I don’t have any other execution than what the cosmos does. The sacred secret of my existence is, I am completely happy with the chaos in me. I don’t try to make it organized. Chaos is nothing but trying to avoid everything that gives you suffering, and trying to move towards joy always. That is where you are wrong. As your Existence, stop arranging chaos into order. Can you break all the waves of the ocean, make them stand in a straight line and take a group photo? That is what you are trying to do in your life. Don’t you see? Beauty of the ocean is the disorganized chaos! Beauty of the existence is chaos, beauty of the execution is perfection! Unfortunately, in your existence you bring perfection and in your execution you bring chaos.

Secret of an enlightened being’s inner space is that he does not have anything to make in order! I know very clearly, how much ever I teach, you will do what you want! But in my execution, you will not see the reflection of this! In my heart I know that everybody cannot do the actions in perfect state. But every day, I do my actions perfectly, to raise people to the highest consciousness. In existence you should be very sure of the chaos, in execution you should be very sure of perfection. 



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