Understand it is business

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yesterday during the morning Satsang, I was telling that everything is business - father, mother, brother, sister, everything is business. After the Satsang one disciple came running to me and said - Now I understand Swamiji, everything is business - father, mother, sister..! I said - STOP. Even between us, this is business. I am very clear what I want from you. I want you to be enlightened and take up responsibility for enlightening others. Only as long as you are expanding in that direction, I am going to be working with you. If that is not happening, I am going to work with somebody else.

Each one has their business with you. Your lover has business with your beauty, your partner has business with your money, your employer has business with your degree. I have business with your consciousness. Each one looks at your identity in certain angle. Your lover is going to look at how you look. Your employer is going to look at your education, your productivity. Your parents’ business is to look at how much you will support about their ideas about life and society, or society’s ideas about them. Each one is busy with their business. My business does not bother about your education, your money, how you look, your social background. My decisions are based on your consciousness – the real YOU. If you understand that my business is actually your business also, then a unique love happens between you and me, which is eternal maha bhaava.


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