What is aloneness?

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, 10 March 2012

You are not just living inside your body as you imagine. You are living with people. Imagine if suddenly all the people living around you are dead. You are just there alone. Are you going to live happily? Aloneness is not living without anybody. No. It is ability to live with yourself. I am constantly transforming the people living around me, that is why I am constantly exploding in enlightenment. Right now, your aloneness is more like fear of relating with people. Real aloneness is being able to relate and inspire everybody, and being able to relate with yourself and inspire yourself whenever you want. Ability to inspire without any outside source is aloneness. I can remain in bliss without anyone – you cannot. You will be depressed!

Sharing with others is nothing but creating an enlightenment-based community around you. It is not even serving others, it is serving yourself. First, any human being creates the sex-based community, the biology-based community - like your wife, your child. Then when you evolve, you create psychology-based community – your friends, who are ideologically connected to you. Only few create consciousness-based community. Fools are those who create only biological community around them. Great are those who create ideological community around them. Blessed are those who create a consciousness-based community around them! If you have a sangha around you, you are blessed. Sharing the truths, the great experiences, great joy, is what is  creating consciousness-based sangha.

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