You are afraid of thoughtless space!

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Respected Swamiji, during the daily kriya, whenever we are asked to hold our breath for a long time, a lot of fear comes up and I start gasping for breath. I never manage to do the kumbhaka properly. Why do I have this fear? How to get over it? – Shailesh, Hyderabad

Shailesh, one of the worst thing happened to you guys is, you have lost the truth that you can be without thoughts. See, fear of kumbhaka, holding the breath, is fear of being without thoughts. You are afraid of being without thoughts. Even if you are without thoughts for a few moments, the Consciousness will grip you, the Consciousness will conquer you, the Consciousness will capture you. Your mind will be replaced by consciousness. You will wake up - which is too much!

Just remember this one idea when you are gasping for breath. Suddenly you will be able to do kumbhaka for a long time. It is nothing but simply trusting that you can live without thoughts, and it is good for you. If you are having difficulty, gasping for breath during kumbhaka, just remember - it is nothing but fear of being in thoughtless state. Nothing wrong. Relax from the fear - simply the kumbhaka will happen. I tell you, when the fear of thoughtless space disappears, even little bit of yoga will make you have a long breath. Long breath creates a new energy in you, it will create a new life in you.


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