Great Vedantis

At a young age Nithyananda was already very knowledgeable about Hindu scriptures and epics, not only about mere storyline but the inner meaning as well. He frequented all spiritual discourses in Tiruvannamalai and asked penetrating questions. In fact many speakers had problems answering his questions and one even said he may be forced to stop and leave. Like Ramaskrishna as a young child, both stood up to question scholars who had knowledge but no experience. They offered more clarity to those who were truly seeking. On one occasion, Kripananda Variar, a very learned and famous spiritual guru came to Tiruvannamalai. During a discourse he commented, ‘Those who wear a shiva linga as a necklace on their body should never be separated from it at any time.’ Young Nithyananda asked him even the most intelligent man is bound to separate it, when he removes it to change the string. What you are implying is, when you become one with God, when you have realized God within, you and the linga within cannot be separated, you and the God within cannot be separated is what you mean. You are talking about enlightenment, you are actually referring to the inherent state of an enlightened person and how he has become one with God. How can you then offer this as a technique to ordinary men? Kripananda Variyar immediately accepted what the boy said with graciousness and told him he was absolutely correct. At the end of the discourse when Nithyananda went to pay his respects to the speaker, he again said the young boys question had shaken him, in that respect Variyar stood out for his humility.