An unusual trip to Kailash

Yogiraj Raghupati Yogi, a man of many miracles, was the young Nithyananda’s yoga guru. He was also the one who introduced the young seeker to the spiritual sciences of levitation and teleportation.One day Raghupati Yogi asked Nithyananda whether he wished to visit Mount Kailash, the legendary abode of Lord Shiva and his divine consort Devi Parvati. Nithyananda was overjoyed. Rahgupati Yogi told Nithyananda that he would initiate him into a mantra the next day, which, could carry him to The next day, an excited Nithyananda arrived at the Kartika mandapam of the Arunachaleshwara temple, looking for the bus which would carry them to Kailash. Little did he know what his teacher had planned! Raghupati Yogi asked Nithyananda to bathe in the temple’s holy water tank and waited for him on the steps. when Nithyananda emerged from the water, Yogiinitiated him into the powerful mantra ‘hreem’. That very moment, something seemed to strike Nithyananda at his ‘hara’, the highly sensitive energy center in the lower stomach.¬ In that instant, Nithyananda had a vivid vision of Devi Parvati standing before of him. He laughed in ecstasy, crying, ‘Amma (mother) is here, Amma is here!’ Nithyananda had no idea that ‘hreem’ was actually the bija mantra (invocation mantra) of Devi!. After a few moments, Devi merged into the young boy. ‘I saw Her!’ Nithyananda said to Yogi in wonder, ‘I saw Her with four hands!’ Raghupati Yogi was naturally skeptical. But when Nithyananda went home, he used a rough chisel and a piece of soft soapstone to carve the figure of Devi as she had appeared to him. When Nithyananda took the finished idol to Raghupati Yogi, the wonderstruck teacher held Nithyananda’s hand and checked his subtle energy flow – a yogic technique to determine whether the body had recently been exposed to a super-high frequency vibration. Realizing that Nithyananda’s vision had been indeed genuine, Yogi prostrated at the boy’s feet, saying, ‘I am blessed, my child! It takes a lifetime of spiritual practice to have a vision of Devi. You are indeed a Siddha Purusha (realized being). Devi is hereafter your ishta devata, your favored deity!’