False Rape Victim in Nithyananda Case - Aarathi Rao - Exposed Lying Under Oath to the High Court of Karnataka about her Medical Reports

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October 21, 2014

The false rape victim in Sri Nithyananda Swami case, Ms. Arathi Rao, had sworn under oath to the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka in her (dismissed) petition to implead herself in the case seeking quashing of the false case against Sri Nithyananda Swami:


 “The accused persons had published some fabricated medical documents in order to allege that the applicant (Ms.Arathi Rao) suffered from sexually transmitted diseases and called her a fake rape victim.”


Ms. Arathi Rao had filed the same false rape complaint in USA with her hometown Michigan police alleging rape on her by Sri Nithyananda Swami over 40 times over 5 years, which the US police across multiple states (Michigan, California) as well as FBI closed the complaint as there was no substance in it.



The USA hospital doctors who treated Ms. Arathi Rao for her multiple STDs including Herpes simplex, Genital Herpes, Herpes Gladiatorum, have sworn under oath that the medical reports of Ms. Arathi Rao are completely true and that they have given the medial findings documented in her medical records which was submitted by the Hospital on the direction of the USA Court to the Indian Court and Karnataka CID as well as the lawyer of Sri Nithyananda Swami for his defense in the false rape case against him by Ms. Arathi Rao.