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9-year-old demonstrates  ability to read blindfolded at Business Advocacy summit - Global Achievers Conclave




    What started as a casual informational session on Third Eye Awakening at the2015 Business Advocacy summit at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., turned into an amazing demonstration that lasted 3 hours. The star of the show was little Yogamata, a 9-year old student of Nithyananda Gurukul in Bengaluru, a holistic education system established by Sri Nithyananda Swami to bring back the best of India’s Vedic heritage alongside modern education.


Nithyananda gurukul student wth top business leaders doctors govt officialsBefore a stunned audience of over 50 high profile people from all over USA, including doctors, surgeons, medical researchers, bankers, investors and government officials including business people like Ms. Purnima Voria, Founder and CEO of National US Indian Chamber of Commerce, and doctors like Dr. Ritu Carpenter Soni, Director of Sleep Lab, New York -  who had gathered for the business summit, Yogamaata successfully demonstrated the power of the third eye (ajna chakra) awakening by reading a book completely blindfolded, using her third eye! At a speed that can be considered good for a 9-year-old reading even with open eyes, Yogamata read out whole sections from news articles, business cards and other content supplied by her awestruck audience, some of whom called her a prodigy. All the readings were done using double blindfolds and eye pads to ensure that the readings were foolproof and credible.


US officer watching live demonstration of blindfold reading by Nithyananda gurukul studentThe medical, academic and business fraternity is highly excited and enthusiastic about the implications of this emerging science for various fields e.g. education, adult training, assisting the blind, just to name a few. Representative from various fields have come forward with support  to facilitate R&D for taking this science to the world.


Yogamata is one of hundreds of children at Nithyananda Gurukul who  have successfully demonstrated extrasensory powers – like blindfold reading – and using it to experience life in a richer way than we ever thought possible.  This science is also taught in a safe and natural way to children and adults at Inner Awakening, the 21-day personal transformation program conducted by Sri Nithyananda Swami  a few times every year.


Nithyananda gurukul student Yogamaata in Washington DC business summitChildren who have done the third-eye awakening meditation at both Gurukul and Inner Awakening exhibit extraordinary creativity, and ability to absorb new concepts much faster than normal. In addition to revolutionizing education, third-eye awakening has huge implications – it is possible that visually disabled may be able to read books without Braille; or it is possible that doctors may be able to diagnose patients through third-eye scanning.


Nithyananda gurukul student wth top business leaders doctors govt officials“This blind-fold reading demonstration may seem extraordinary; but with this, we have just scratched the surface of what is possible. I think we will be astounded by what can be done in the future”, said Sri Advaitananda, one the teachers at the Gurukul.


While “superhuman” powers or siddhis were well known and employed in the ancient Vedic tradition of India, modern science is still struggling to get deeper insights into this field. 


Says Sri Nithyananda Swami, ‘Siddhis or miraculous powers are nothing but harnessing the natural laws which science has not yet understood.’


Here is a clip of the live demo: