Face your higher identity

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


People ask me - in one moment, can you make me experience enlightenment? I can make you experience. But you are afraid of your higher self! So many times I have seen that when I awaken your kundalini, your experience of your higher self, you are afraid of your higher self. You are comfortable with the old you. If I introduce the new you to you, you are afraid of it. You like your lower self. Just like how there are millions of people who are afraid of more wealth, because they have to manage it - same way, many of you have fear of your higher self when your higher self is introduced to you.

I can say, in all of you the fear of the highest frequency exists. That is the biggest obstacle. The disrespect for your present frequency, your present ego, is the basic necessity which will be the jumping board for you to jump into the higher frequency. I think maybe after this understanding, all of you will be able to catch what I mean by going beyond ego. If you are too attached to your ego, you cannot go beyond it. You need to have disrespect for it. Only then you can go to higher frequency or higher experience.

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