Stop seeking, you will find your God!

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA Stop seeking, you will find your God! ALL around us, we come across people who are running towards God. Or who they think God is! They spend so much time and effort in seeking God in all kinds of places. Often, after they believe they have found Him in one place of worship, they will again begin their search in some other new place. They become professional seekers. Even those who deny God, the atheists, are seekers. They too are seeking their own version of God! In reality, seekers do not ever truly find God. This is because in the inner world, the logic is very different. The process of seeking is not the same as in the material world, where things exist in separate physical forms. In the spiritual realm, God is not at the end of a journey, He is not the achievement — He is just in the Awareness. God is already in each one of us, only we have lost the sensitivity to know His presence! When God is all around us, and inside us — it means that we cannot run towards Him, for in which direction shall we choose to run? He is everywhere! This is the Awareness we need to have to reach God. This is in fact true of all goals. Goals are not reached by frantically running towards them. That makes us tense and creates barriers in the quest. The path should be the quest, not the destination. If we move towards the destination without expectations, if we work towards goals with no attachments to failure or success, we will find that we become far more productive. We would then work with no stress at all, completely focused on the journey, the process, and the present. To work in the present in our daily life we need to trust life itself; we need to trust existence or God. This abiding trust in existence is actually the path to God. But we spoil this path by judging all events against goals set by our minds. When we sincerely make efforts, immersing ourselves in trust, whatever happens will be good for us. This is what I mean by saying that you actually achieve your goals when you stop running towards them. Zen masters say: When you see Buddha on the road, kill Him! If you see Him, or think you see Him, he is not real. When you stop seeking, you will find Him. Seeking makes you tense. It makes you miss your real purpose.