Inner Awakening is about not waiting for life to happen to you, it is not about positive thinking, personal growth or just good health. It is about going beyond your normal happiness and pain, and awakening the unknown hidden potential energy in you that creates and bolts a powerful shift in your consciousness, permanently!

Nov 4

Nov 04 2012
Nithyanandeshwara Nithyanandeshwari

Nov 3

Nov 03 2012
IN THE olden days, people in India did not stitch clothes after sunset. This is because all stitching was done by hand with a needle. In the dim candle or kerosene lamp light it w$as not possible to see properly and one could get hurt by poking the fingers with needle. Even now in India, some people will not stitch with a needle after sunset. Even seamstresses and tailors will not do it, though we now have electricity and lights. They may not even stitch using machines!
ALL around us, we come across people who are running towards God. Or who they think God is! They spend so much time and effort in seeking God in all kinds of places. Often, after they believe they have found Him in one place of worship, they will again begin their search in some other new place. They become professional seekers.
SOCIETY, in the form of political or religious institutions, controls you through fear and greed. These institutions believe that unless you are prodded by fear and greed, you cannot be effective, productive and valuable. But productive effective and valuable to whom? It is certainly not for any advantage to your own Self, but perhaps to the benefit of these institutions.
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