PRECOGNITION is a common experience for most of us. Let us say for example that we feel that some one, a particular person, is about to call us. Sure enough, when the phone rings, that person will be on line. Suppose we are watching a TV show. We know what the character will say next. Sure enough, that character mouths the words as if to oblige us. Another experience. let us assume that we’re ready for dinner. Precisely then the doorbell chimes. Even before we open the door, we know who is at the door.
IF OUR heart is not fully engaged in an undertaking, it immediately becomes a chore. Even worship becomes a chore when our heart isn’t in it. When we feel involved, all hard work becomes a joyful worship. When our heart isn’t engaged in a task, we are distracted. Even as we pluck flowers, or prepare offerings for our favorite deity, our thoughts stray on something else, or someone else. We might be thinking about our office work or other events in our life. We fear that we will invite the wrath of God by not praying.
In the whole world there are only two kinds of people. The first kind will try to judge, criticize and develop the things happening in the world according to their ideas. There is the other group which feels that whatever is happening is auspicious. Whoever feels that whatever happens is auspicious, lives in eternal bliss, in celebration. The other group continuously suffers because it tries to change things all the time.
WEST has always focused on facts, while the East has focused on truth. As a consequence the west moved forward in science while the east moved forward in spirituality. When the great sages of the east looked inwards and realized the truth of their existence, they expressed these in the form of scriptures, the sruti and sastra. In order that the common man could understand these spiritual truths, some of these masters wrote the purana, the epics.
IT IS easy to acquire intelligence. If we work continuously using our intellect, it matures into intelligence. There are a number of meditation techniques that can help us sharpen our intellect. The peak of intellect is intelligence.
FROM the earliest days of humanity there has been intense curiosity about how it all came about; how man and woman were created and how the Universe was created. Each religion, each culture developed its own answers, its mythology. hristianity and Islam adopted the Judaic version of creation, as laid out in the Book of Genesis. God made the Universe in six days...
‘Who are you?’ what would you answer? You will tell me about your status or relationships. You will go on and on about what you possess and what you control. You do not answer the question. You don’t know the answer to that question. Start the search today. Sit alone in a room, close the door, and start asking the question: ‘Who am I’?
The first blog is from the web team. It is Guru Purnima Day. It is a day full of gratitude and love for our Master. It has been a blessing that this website will be launched this fine day.
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