A Parent is the way for a being to land and travel on this beautiful world of consciousness. This innocent and ignorant child starts developing in the world of unknown. The parent, society and the environment augment the child to blossom into a compassionate leader of the future. During this process the Parents play the vital role of giving the child the foundation of possibilities. Incubating the child to be the possibilities of the moment is enlightened parenting.
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE You are always ashamed of your desires! You don’t realize, every desire you have is only a reflection of your deep desire for inner fulfillment...
Enlightened Parenting. These two words have such energy and potential. Wouldn’t we all want to parent in an illumined or enlightened way? To come from a wise space of intuition? To raise our children easily, effortlessly, and without conflict? To help our children achieve their full potential and face the inner and outer world challenges with confidence?
Most parents and child caregivers are under the impression that they have to do all the thinking for the children. They just want their kids to be cute voice recorders replaying the thoughts of the parents. Did you know that a child has immense capability to think and decide across all domains of their lives!
What is the meaning of desire in our relationships? Basically, all of the suffering we experience in life is because of what we want to see rather than what is. Whenever the world shows something different than what we want, we experience the discrepancy as suffering.
Welcome to Pregnancy Care, where the world of childbirth and parenting opens into a vibrant new dimension of consciousness. Founded on the latest cutting-edge science and technology, parents-to-be are provided with information, tools, techniques and support to design a healthy, happy and fulfilling family life from its inception.
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