In eN-Vidyalaya, we are creating the core foundation so that the child can build any structure with the tools that they are provided in their schools. With this program, we are presenting them multiple possibilities for the future.
In this powerful discourse taken from Inner Awakening (, living enlightened master and avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda throws light on living enlightenment and sharing eN-effect using an example of reflecting mirrors. He describes who is a master, what is life, what is death, what are engrams and what is enlightenment. Watch this short discourse to know more.
A Parent is the way for a being to land and travel on this beautiful world of consciousness. This innocent and ignorant child starts developing in the world of unknown. The parent, society and the environment augment the child to blossom into a compassionate leader of the future. During this process the Parents play the vital role of giving the child the foundation of possibilities. Incubating the child to be the possibilities of the moment is enlightened parenting.
Hi-Tech is a 30 day residential program designed to awaken the leadership consciousness within you. Through a series of specialized formulated processes and techniques, Hi-Tech will take you to the next level
What is the meaning of desire in our relationships? Basically, all of the suffering we experience in life is because of what we want to see rather than what is. Whenever the world shows something different than what we want, we experience the discrepancy as suffering.
This workshop focuses on transforming the current view of the teacher in creating a dynamic community through spiritual understanding. It helps a teacher by increasing the memory and brain potential through yoga and meditation, thereby creating more compassionate and stress free educational managers.
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